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Family Relations of Nancy A. V. Couch

Updated September 23, 2009

(This version of the descendants of John Couch is a compulation of my records with those of Glenda Brack, Paul David Couch and the Couch family developed by Bill Couch)

1--Thomas Couch (b. 1710 VA and d. ?) and Mary______(b. ? and d.?). Thomas is the great grandfather of Nancy A.V. Couch. His parents are Thomas Couch, Sr. and Elizabeth _______. His wife is possibly the daughter of British Lt. Col. Drury Stith. Thomas moved from Brunswick Co., VA to Orange Co., NC by 1754 where he was granted a 300 acre tract of land. (A.B. Markham land grant map.) That land is now included in the Duke Forest, Korstian Division, near Durham, NC. By 1766 he moved to the Old 96th District (now Spartanburg County), South Carolina where he was granted a 300 acre "plantation" or tract of land along the Enoree River. The land is not far from the little town of Enoree.

The State of SC, Old 96th District (now Spartanburg Co.)

Box 106 Pack 2732 - Estate of Thomas Couch 1784 Decd.

Widow & John Couch executors:

In the name of God Amen Thomas Couch South Carolina Enoree and Ninety Six district being sick and weak in body but of sound memory bestowed by God do. This day being the 12 day of February in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred seventy six do make and publish this my last will and testament in manner following that is to say I give my son William Couch one shilling sterling, also I give and bequeath to my daughter Judith one shilling sterling, also I give and bequeath to my daughter Elizabeth one shilling sterling. I give to my daughter Patty one shilling sterling, also I gave to my well beloved son John Couch one hundred and fifty acres of lnad where I now dwell the remainder to my son Drury. also I gave my son Joseph Couch one cow & calf and one ewe & lamb one sow & pigs & one feather bed. And all the rest and residue of my goods and cattles personal estate whatsoever to be equally divided amongst the younger children but to be possessed by my loving wife during her widowhood. Make and _________ my beloved son John and my beloved wife sole executors of this my will. In trust for the intent and purpose and this my will contained and I make my well beloved son John and my beloved wife to be overseer of this my will to take ______ and see the same aforementioned? according to my true intent and meaning.

In witness wereof the said Thomas Couch this my last will and testament set my hand and seal the day and year above written. Signed by the said Thomas Couch and for his last will and testament int he presence of Us .........

Witness Present

Nathaniel Hillen ...........................Thomas (his Mark) Couch

Ann (her mark ) Stone

John Stroud

South Carolina )

Ninety Six District)

By John Thomas Jr. Esqure ordinary of district aforesaid personally appeared John Stroud one of the subscribing witnesses to the written will before me and made oath that he sat Thyomas Couch sign seal and declared the same to be his last will & testament. That he was then of sound perfect mind memory and understanding to the best of the deponents knowledge and belief and that Nathl. Hillen & Ann Stone gogether with his deponant did sign their names thereto as witness at the request of the testator and in presence and the presence of each other.

Given under my hand the 30th Jan 1784.

J. Thomas Ord

(Information on Thomas Couch from Paul David Couch)

2--Drury Couch (b. 1761- and d. ?) and ____________( b. ? and d. ?). Drury is the grandfather of Nancy A.V. Couch. When Drury was about 68 years old he married Nancy Coatney on Jan. 6, 1829 in Butts Co., GA. Glenda Brack has noted that a Drury Couch died in Jasper Co. Georgia between 1840 and December 1842. Drury's estate papers lists his wife, Nancy Coatney ( b. ? and d. ?) and children Moses, John, William, Drury, Polly and Persia. But the wording of this estate is as follows: "beloved wife Nancy - grandchildren, the children of my eldest son, Moses, Sabra Hobson, daughter of the same, son John, all $1.00. Remainder of estate to wife and four children, viz, William, Drury, Polly, and Persia." (See Drury Couch Will)

The State of SC, Spartanburg Co.

Jan 21, 1792, D-5, p 5-6, Drury Couch (Spartanburgh) to Benjamin Rhodes (same) for 40~ 10s sterling sold 150 ac on Both sides Fort Shoals Cr, grant Gov Charles G Montague to Thomas Couch, dec & by will to Drury Couch. Wit: Christopher Rhodes & John Gorzvel. Signed Drury Couch's mark. Wit Oath Oct 4, 1793 Drury Couch to (not given) Rec Oct 13, 1794 .

Sep 19, 1793, C-305, p 305-307, John burt (Laurens Co) to Drury Couch (Spartanburgh) for 200~ sterling sold 150 ac on Fort Shaols Br of Enoree R, grant Dec 4, 1786 Gov William Moultrie to John Burt. Wit Aaron Casey & Joseph Couch. Signed John Burt's mark. Wit Oath Oct 4, 1793 . Joseph Couch to Thomas Farrow. Rec Nov 11, 1794 .

Jan 26, 1794, D-336, p 336-338, Drury Couch (Spartanburgh) to Thomas Stroud (same) for 50~ sold 50 ac W of Hunt's Path including upper ford of Fort Shoal Cr, part of 150 ac on Fort Shoal Cr of Enoree R granted in 1786 Gov William Moultrie to John Burt who sold Sep 19, 1793 to Drury Couch (see book C p 305) Wit Mark Stroud & Aaron Casey. Signed Drury Couch's mark. Wit Oath Jan 11, 1796 Mark Stroud to Thomas Farrow. Rec May 11, 1796 .

May 4, 1798, F-432, p 432-433, John Couch (Greenville Co) to Drewry Couch (same) for 50~ sold 108 ac on N side of Enoreee R. Wit: Aaron Casey & Moses Couch. Signed John Couch & Ann's mark. Wit Oath Dec 26, 1799 Moses Couch to A Casey Rec Apr 8, 1800 .

Mar 14, 1808, L-224, p 224-226, John P Poole (Spartanburgh) to Bridges Arendel (same) for $300 sold 100 ac on N side of Enoree R; border E-Drury Couch, W-land sold today to Benjamin Rhodes by John P Poole, & N-land sold by Drury Couch to Benjamin Rhodes by Part of 300 ac grant to Thomas Couch & sold Sep 23, 1796 by Joseph Couch to John P Poole. Wit Aaron Casey & William Higgins. Signed John P Poole. WitOath Mar 10, 1808 , Aaron Casey to Burell Bobo. Rec Apr 11, 1808 . Dower Renounced Elender Poole to Burrell Bobo Mar 14, 1808.

Mar 14, 1808, M-402, p 402-403, John P Poole (Spartanburgh) to Drury Couch (same) for $100 sold 50 ac border grant to Thomas Couch (now owned by Drury Couch) and by Thomas Stroud; part of grant to Charles Hunt & sold Sep 23, 1796 Joseph Couch to John P Poole. Wit Aaron Casey & William Higgins. Signed John P Poole. Wit Oath Mar 14, 1808 Aaron Casey to Burrell Bobo. Rec Apr 8, 1811 . Dower renounced Elender Poole to Burrell Bobo Mar 4, 1808 (sic)

Jul 1812, N-196, p 196-197, John Stroud (Spartanburgh) to Isaac Stroud (same) for #250 sold 100 ac on N side of Enoree R; border E-Drury Couch & N & W Benjamin Rhodes; part of 300 ac grant to Thos Couch & sold by John P Poole to John Stroud Mar 14, 1808. Wit Aaron Casey & William Casey. Signed John Stroud Wit Oath Jul 9, 1812 Aaron Casey to Burrell Bobo. Rec Nov 9, 1812 . Dower renounced Jul 9, 1812 Rebecca Stroud to Burrell Bobo.

Mar 7, 1814, O-104, p 104, James Clayton (Spartanburgh) to Fielding Clayton (same) for $200 sold 100ac on Fort Shoals Br of Enoree R; border N & W-Drury Couch, S-Rachel Farrow, & E-James Clayton. Wit: James Keating & William Clayton. Signed James Clayton. Wit Oath Mar 7, 1814 James Keating to Burrell Bobo. Rec Apr 11, 1814 .

(Drury land records from Paul David Couch)

3-- John Couch (b. Jul. 9, 1811 in SC (Exact date from 1878 copy of letter Glenda Brack received from Glen Tapley.) and d. 1872 in Pike Co., GA). His first wife was Elizabeth Crook. His second wife was Bethany E. Dismukes. John is the father of Nancy A.V. Couch. (John is a son of  2-- Drury Couch but not of his wife Nancy Coatney since Drury did not marry Nancy Coatney until Jan. 6, 1829 in Butts Co., GA and John was born in 1811.) John apparently named his first son, Druey/Drewry ?sp after his own father, Drury Couch.) He may be the John Couch that lived in Randolph Co., Georgia around 1840. A John Couch witnessed the signing of a property deed with A. Brown in Randolph Co. near Brooksville described as District 10, Lot l63 in 1838 between Septimus Wetherby the seller and Benjamin Thurman the buyer. He is probably the John Couch listed in the 1840 Randolph Co., Georgia Census. 

Glenda Brack provided the following stories concerning the family of John Couch:

ALL of the known facts need to be kept in mind when considering these two old family stories that have come to me. Probably part of each is true and need just to be figured out. They follow for information to facilitate investigation and clarification. Keep in mind that some of his children did end up in Arkansas (i.e. Warren Jackson Couch).

There are TWO stories about this family...

Family story is that he went to KS to support the slave state issue. On the trip there and back to Georgia he lost his first wife and some of his children. He was in Pike Co. Georgia in 1850, in Tallapoosa Co. AL in 1860, and then back in Pike Co., Georgia in 1870, so perhaps the story is at least partly is true and with more research we can learn more about the family. A book in my library "History of Pike Co." by Lizzie R. Mitchell has a short paragraph about John Couch that seems to report the old story. It says, "Mr. Couch was from the western part of the Co., He was a strong politician - always on hand working for his party. During the great excitement over the admission of KS as a state, Mr. Couch sold out his property and took his family, and in company with others from this Co., went to aid in having it a slaveholding state, which was unfortunate; the climate was unhealthful, and he lost his wife and several children. He came back broken in health himself, dying soon afterwards." (Since the John Couch of concern did not die until 1872, this story at best does not fit some known facts about this John Couch. Although, his first wife, Elizabeth, died after the 1850 Pike Co., GA Census, all of his children in that census, with the possible exception of Drury, married and were still living 20 years later.)

The State of AL, Tallapoosa Co.

All men by these presents that we John Couch and Bethany Couch, his wife of the state and Co. aforesaid for and in consideration of four hundred dollars to us in hand paid by Sothey Tapley of the same State and Co., the receipt whereof we do hereby acknowledge do hereby give, grand, bargain, sell, _____ and convey confirm unto the said S. Tapley the following lands to wit: The west half of the south east quarter of the section twenty nine (29) in Township, Twenty three (23) of Range twenty three (23) east, the north east quarter of section twenty nine (29) in Township twenty three (23) of Range Twenty Three (23) east containing one hundred and twenty acres lying and being in Tallapoosa Co. and State of AL. To have and to hold the aforegranted premises to the said Sothey Tapley, his heirs and assigns to their use and behoof forever, and I do hereby covenant with the said S. Tapley his heirs and assigns that we are lawfully seized in fee of the aforegranted premises that they are free of all encumbrances; that we have a good right to see and convey the said to the said S Tapley his heirs and assigns and that we will warrant and defend the said premises to the said S. Tapley his heirs and assigns forever against the lawful claims and demands of all persons.

In witness whereof we the said John Couch and Bethany E. Couch have hereunto set our hands and seals this the 30th day of November in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and sixty six.

Signed Sealed and delivered in

the presence of

Jesse Dismukes,   John Couch

Nancy C. Dismukes,   Bethany Couch

The State of AL, Tallapoosa Co.

I the undersigned, Judge of the Probate Court for said Co., hereby certify that Jesse Dismukes a subscribing witness to the foregoing conveyance ______ to me, appeared before me this day and being sworn, stated that John Couch and Bethany Couch the grantees in the conveyance voluntarily executed the same in his presence, and in the presence of the other subscribing witness on this day the same bears date, that he attested this ____ in the presence of the grantees, and of the other witnesses, and that such other witness subscribed his name as a witness in his presence. Given under my hand this 24th day of December 1866.

Allen D. Sturdivant, Judge

Filed for record the 24th December 1866. & duly recorded the same day.

Allen D. Sturdivant, Judge


Gaynelle Hays is a wonderful researcher who has shared information and family traditions with me over the years. The following is from a tape I received from here in November of 1982. A complete transcript of the tape is in my TAPLEY files.

In Sept 1982 my Great Aunt Mamie Allen Knox  (granddaughter of John Couch through his daughter Mary Palestine Tapley) wrote me, "Grandpa Couch's first wife died at sea. Two brothers of Grandmother went oversea's sight seeing. He (Grandpa Couch) lost so many of his family (on the trip) that he turned around and came back. Grandma Tapley (Mary Palestine Couch) was 12 at that time. They were wealthy people. She would have been lost at sea, if it had not been for the maid. She saved her. She would have fallen from a "Scuttle hole" that was on the ship. She was going through when the maid caught her. Her two brothers were buried on an island. Her mother on the other side. I can't remember the country there were on, but it must have been where on of that family came from.

There is a family story about this Couch family that Gay told me in one of her letters, it goes like this (because she does not know the names she used Mr. X) "Mr. X, lived in Ireland. He had a wife and some children. He had a woolen mill and due to the economic conditions in Ireland and of all the things that he had heard about the United States, he sold his business and came to the United States. He came over, he bought some land, but on the ship when they were coming over, they had sewn all the gold that he got from selling his mill (it was in coin), and they had taken the trouble of seeing these coins into hems of the slips and dresses that the women of the family wore on the ship. They had a servant that took care of one of the little girls. We do not know the name of this little girl, but as she was coming over she fell through the hole that the ship had at different ends of the ship where people could throw away garbage. She fell into this hole and almost went into the water, but due to the fact that one of the servants caught her by the tail of her dress, she didn't go into the water. By and by they got to the United States and I would imagine they either came in through Savannah, Georgia or through Charleston, South Carolina. In those days a lot of the ships came South instead of going into New York City. I don't know why, I haven't been able to find a reason why, except the travel from New York City to the Southern states was so difficult that it was easier to to direct the ship in the direction in which the people wanted to go. Anyway this man came to the United States and he stayed for a while. And it wasn't exactly what he thought it was going to be when he decided to come to American, so after a few years he sold what he had and he started back to Ireland with his family. When they got out to sea, some illness broke out among them and he had a child that died and had to be thrown into the sea because they had no refrigeration or any way of preserving the body and they said that in those days that death or dead bodies would attract whales and it was a danger to the ship, so this was the way they had of protecting themselves. On the way over, the man was supposed to have had a son-in-law by the name of Barnhart, and Mr. Barnhart when the ship docked on one of the little islands for supplies did not get back to the ship in time so he had to be left. So the ship sailed without him. When Mr. got back to Ireland, he wasn't there long before his wife died and several other children died so he was disenchanted with Ireland again and very unhappy so he came back to the United States for the second time. Now, we know that this man had to have had a considerable amount of money to be able to travel in this way. When he got back to South Carolina or to AL the second time, he didn't have a wife or if he did it was never related to me in the story. So I presume that the man got married after he got back to the United States, which is highly possible. The daughter that was supposed to have been lost at sea grew up and married a man named John Couch. And John Couch was born in S.C. and his wife that we are interested in was born in Ireland. When we see the John Couch that was born in Georgia that was on the census record, you sent me for 1860, his wife said that she was born in Georgia. It is highly possible that they forgot. But I do think that this is our right John Couch and then this wife of John Couch, whatever her name was, had two children. And I think the reason that everything is so sketchy is because Mr. X's wife died and his daughter that became the wife of John Couch didn't remember all these things and because her mother died when she was rather young and maybe the servant that attended her died also and maybe this lady did not have anyone that could cue her in on all these things. We have no idea how long her father lived or anything like this, but then John Couch left S.C. and came to Georgia. He was in Pike Co.. Pike Co. is where Griffin Georgia is. And if you remember, I sent you a picture of Aunt Kit and it was made in Griffin Georgia, so this ties this in there very well. I made a mistake there, the census record is the one from Pike Co. Ga for 1850 and this one shows that John Couch was born in S.C. and also it has ditto marks for his wife from S.C. so maybe this is the place that Mr. X did go. Maybe he did go to S.C. when he came to the states and that is why it is so difficult for us to find something. Wouldn't it be nice is we could find a marriage certificate in S.C. for John Couch and Elizabeth Couch so that we could find out what her maiden name was?" Note: According to Gaynelle many researchers think that John Couch is Mr. X, but it is her feeling that he is not.

(Old family story connects this family to the Barnharts... the Pike Co. George Marriage Records shows a Martha C. Couch marrying John C. Barnhart in 1851 (page 386). I do not know if there is a connection but put the information here for future clarification. Note the Land Deal in 1866 was witnessed by Dismukes.)

Gay continued: "John Couch, we know that in 1850 he was in Pike Co. Ga. We know that in 1860 he had a different wife, and we know that he was then in Tallapoosa Co., AL. We also know that he lived in a little place called Locapoka, AL, which is in the vicinity of Auburn, Notusosa, Camp Hill, up in that area. I don't know whether you are familiar with those little towns or not, but the are just very small places. Anyway we know that Mary Palestine did not love her step-mother and visa versa. And it was because of the manner in which the step-mother treated Mary Palestine, that she went to live with her sister, Keturah (Southey Tapley's wife).

Gay also stated that "Grandma had a brother Dock Couch who went to live in Tyler, Texas. He married there and had a family. This man and his son came to see my Grandmother Welch and Grandpa Tapley, when I was a little girl." I do not know which of John's children this "Dock" was. (My notes: Dock Couch (b. abt. 1887 by the 1920 Comanche Co., TX Census) is probably a son of P.K. Couch (b. abt 1851). Dock Couch is listed with a wife, Lena age 31, and a daughter, Bonnie in the 1920 Comanche Co., TX Census. P.K. Couch had a infant child die in Comanche Co., TX in 1907. The death certificate for Pinkney Keynon Couch shows he died in Comanche Co., TX in 1928 although he is listed at age 69 in the 1920 Matagorda Co., TX Census. ) 

  sp (1.) Elizabeth (b. 1816 in SC and d. Abt. 1858)

     4-- Druey Couch (b. Aug. 30, 1832 in GA and d. ?) At age 17 he is only found in the 1850 Pike Co, Georgia Census. No more information. (Drury/Dewry was a popular given name in the Couch line. There is a 34 year senior Drury Couch (b. 1798 in SC and d. ?) with a wife, Jane, in the 1860 and 1870 Lafayette Co., MS Census. There is a 10 year senior Drury Couch (b. 1822 in AL and d. ?) listed in the 1860 and 1870 Cherokee Co., TX Census. He is also listed at age 58 in the 1880 Cherokee Co., TX Census with a wife, Mary age 57, a son Messer age 20, and a grandson Thomas age 14. A son of this couple, William M. Couch, (b. 1858 and d. ?) married Lizzie Lee Towles Nov 28, 1881 in Cherokee Co., TX.)

     4-- Martha Caroline Couch (b. Jun. 1834 in GA and d. ?) (Couch, Martha C. married Barnhart, John C. 1851 Pike Co., GA.)

       sp John Barnhart (b. ? and d.?)

         5-- Emily Barnhart (b. 1860 in GA and d. ?) Listed as g-dau in family of John Couch 1870 Pike Co., Georgia Census.

         5-- John F. Barnhart (b. 1861 in MS and d. ?) Listed as g-son in family of John Couch 1870 Pike Co., Georgia Census. (Probably the same as John P. Barnhart age 48 born in AL with a wife Mary age 43 born in GA listed in the 1910 Tallapoosa Co., Alabama Census.)

         5-- Isabella Barnhart (b. 1864 in AL and d. ?) Listed as g-dau in family of John Couch 1870 Pike Co., Georgia Census.

     4-- William J. Couch (b. Nov 1835 in GA and d. ?) See 1850 Pike Co, Georgia Census. where he is listed in the household of his father, John Couch. He is 14 years old making his birth year about 1836. He may be the same William J. Couch in the 1880 Morgan Co., AL Census age 34 with a wife, Lavina age 32 and a son James, age 1.  This William J. Couch is also in the 1900 Morgan Co., AL Census age 57 with a wife Vina J. and sons James age 21 and Garfield age 13.

         5-- James T. Couch (b. 1879 in AL and d. ?)

     4-- Warren Jackson Couch (b. Jul. 20, 1838 GA and d. May 16, 1900 in AK) See 1850 Pike Co., Georgia Census and the 1860 Tallapoosa Co., Alabama Census where he is listed in the household of his father, John Couch. In 1850 he is 12 years old making his birth year about 1838. He is found in the 1880 Nevada Co., Arkansas Census at age 46 with his wife Lavonia age 27 and their eight children. (He married Jul. 25, 1861 in Tallapoosa Co., AL (1) Musick, Martha A. (b. ? and d. ?). He married Oct. 17, 1869 in Columbia Co., AK (2) Lavonia Antoinette _______. (b. Jun. 27, 1851 in GA and d. Jan. 3, 1931).)

        sp Martha Musick (b. ? and d. ?)

         5-- Emily Couch (b. 1865 in AL and d. ?)

         5-- Julia Lizzie Couch (b. 1867 in AL and d. ? AK)

       sp Lavonia Antionette ______. 

         5-- Battie Antoinette Couch (b. 1870 in AL and d. ?)

            sp J. B. will Moore (b. ? and d. ?)

         5-- Warren Quince Couch (b. 1872 in AL and d. 1935) Calhoun, AK

            sp Emma Catherine Wright (b. 1876 and d. 1956) Hope, AK

              6-- Robert Edward (b. 1906 and d. 1970 Cheatum, AK

                 sp Bessie Alice Loyd (b. 1906 and d. ?) Grannis, Polk C., AK

                      7-- Brenda kay Couch, Granite City, Il

         5-- John Walker Couch (b. 1873 in AL and d. 1946) AK

            sp Frances Elizabeth Wright (b. ? and d. ?)

             6-- Clarice Ann Couch (b. 1900 in AL and d. 1979) Sevier Co., AK

                sp Elmus Harvy Monk (b. 1894 and d. 1970) Precott, Hempstead, AK

                    7--Buforf Wymer Monk (b. ? and d. ?)

                       sp Mary mae Russell (b. ? and d. ?)

                            8-- Sandra Lynn Monk

         5-- Thomas Couch (b. 1875 in AL and d. ?)          

         5-- Franie Eugenia Couch (b. 1878 in AL and d. 1970)

           sp John Henry Reid (b.1870 and d. 1961)

               6-- Gertha mae Reid (b. 1901 and d. 1989)

                  sp Elija "Lige" Gaskey (b. ? and d. ?)

                      7-- Joa Ileen Gaskey (b. 1944 and d. ?)

                          sp Larry L. Gutt (b. 1943 and d. ?)

         5-- Unnamed Couch (b. 1880 in AL and d. ?)

     4-- Nancy A. V. Couch (b. 1840 in GA and d. Dec. 4, 1901 in TX) (Couch, Nancy A. married Mitchiner, Thomas W. May 20, 1859 Randolph Co., GA. He is listed in the 1860 Randolph Co, GA Census as Thomas Mitchell. Nancy's middle initial is "A." on the marriage license and she apparently started using the middle initials "A. V." after she married (date of marriage from marriage license). In the 1850 Pike Co., Georgia Census her middle initial is given as "C." The census taker in 1850 either got her middle initial wrong and it is not "C." or she changed it when she married perhaps in some way to honor her mother or a grandparent. By 1862 they are living in Tallapoosa Co., AL where on Nov. 5th he bought 40 acreas for $220.50 from Ed Pussell and his wife, M.A. Pussell. (In 1877 Ed Pussel witnessed the will of James T. Hammock, father of Nancy I.V. Couch who married Pickney K. Couch.) The land is described as the NW 1/4 of the NW 1/4th of Section 36, Township 23, Range 23 (information from deed record). It is in the area where the Elder Christian Church, built in 1891, is located. The only reason that makes any sensel for her and her husband to move to Tallapoosa Co., AL was that she had kin there. In Randolph Co., GA in 1860 they lived next door to two of Tom's sisters and their families on land apparently given to them by his father plus close by lived his oldest sister with her family and his oldest brother with his family and his father with a family by his second marriage. Given the impending Civil War, Nancy and Tom probably thought that she would be better off living near her sisters and their families and her father with his family by his second wife. Tom and Nancy probably were not in Tallapoosa Co., AL long enough to even work the land or establish a home before Tom was called off to war. Since Nancy and Tom did not have children when the war started, she would have been alone and needed some of her family close by and probably lived with them during the war. The war made her sister, Sarah, a widow early on and they may have lived together. Sarah's husband, Wiley M. Thorton, served in the same company as Tom when he was killed. Nancy is listed with her husband and three daughters in the 1870 Tallapoosa Co., AL Census and they left shortly thereafter for Hunt Co., TX where her husband's oldest sister, Mary W. Rumph, and her husband, David Rumph, and family had located from Randolph Co. GA. Thomas and Nancy are buried in Liberty Cemetery, Hunt Co., TX.)

       sp Thomas W. Mitchiner (b. 1828 in GA and d. Sep. 30, 1909 in TX)  (He served in the 47th AL, Co. K and paroled at Appomattox April 1865.) He was a Forty-niner along with two of his brothers. When he returned to GA is unknown, but the first record is about 1858. The story is that he also served on a whaling ship which I can not document. I assume that his first and only marriage is to Nancy Couch. The age difference was quite common back then. There are no stories about a previous marriage. Given his time searching for gold in CA and if he served on a whaling ship, he probably was not ready to marry until he returned to GA.

         5-- Susan E. Mitchiner (b. 1865 in AL and d. abt 1888)

           sp J.J. Weaver ( b. ?  in TX d. ?)

              6-- Lula Weaver (b. 1884  in TX and d. ?)

              6-- Jina? Weaver (b. 1886  in TX and d. ?)

         5-- Leonora Mitchiner (b. 1868  in AL and d. ?)

          sp R.L. Clements ( b. ? in GA and d. ?)

              6-- Nanie R. Clements (b. 1885 in TX and d. ?)

              6-- Walter J. Clements (b. 1888 in TX and d. ?)

              6-- Nellie A. Clements (b. 1893 in TX and d. ?)

              6-- Victor H. Clements (b. 1898 in TX and d. ?)

        5-- Mollie Thomas Mitchiner (b. 1869 in AL and d. 1935)

          sp (1) H.S. Dunkin ( b. ? in AL and d. ?)

              6-- Rossie V. Dunkin (b. 1893 in TX and d. ?)

              6-- Mitchiner Morris Dunkin (b. 1894 in TX and d. 1947)

              6-- Annie Dunkin (b. 1896 in TX and d. ?)

          sp (2) Dexter E. Converse, Sr. (b. 1846 in NC and d. 1932) (Also known as Lawson A. Mitchum.)

              6-- Dexter Edward Converse, Jr. (b. 1902 in OK and d. 1998)

              6-- Wintos D. Converse (b. 1905 in OK and d. 1976)

        5-- Ross Clarence Mitchiner (b. Jul. 10, 1880 in Greenville, TX and d. April 11, 1944 in Highland, CA) (Married (1) Garner, Ressie M. Mar. 29, 1908 in Sherman, Grayson Co., TX. He married (2) Allmon, Iva. He and both wives are buried in the Mountain View Cemetery in Highland, CA.)

          sp (1) Ressie Matilda Garner (b. Sep. 4, 1882 in Walhalla, SC and d. Sep. 15, 1918 in Highland, CA)

              6-- Thomas Richard Mitchiner (b. Jan. 23, 1909 in Southmayd, TX and d. Mar. 29, 1984 in Downey, CA) Buried Rose Hill Cemetery, Whittier, CA.

              6-- Emma Sheila Mitchiner (b. July 10, 1911 in Wood Lake, TX and d. Mar. 2, 2009 in Carson, CA)

              6-- John Ross Mitchiner (b. Mar. 8, 1914 in Highland, CA and d. Oct. 2, 1991 in San Bernardino, CA)

              6-- Margaret Eloise Mitchiner (b. Aug. 27, 1916 in Highland, CA and d. May 18, 2003 Pasadena, 2003 in CA)

          sp (2) Iva Allmon (b. Dec, 4 1886 in Elkland, Webster Co., MO and d. May 1966 in Pasadena, CA)

     4-- Kiturah M. Couch (b. Jun 1, 1842 in Pike Co., GA and d. Oct. 11, 1902 in AL). (Couch, Kitory married on Nov. 9, 1865 in Tallapoosa Co., AL Tapley, Southey. His parents are Jordan Tapley (b. Nov. 8, 1801 in Monroe co., GA and d. aft. 1870 probably in Clay Co., AL) and Rebecca Littleton (b. Jan. 1815 and d. Feb. 1847 in AL). His parents married on Mar. 11, 1830. See 1870 Tallapossa Co., Census for  her family. Both she and her husband are buried in the Eagle Creek Baptist Church Cemetery, Tallapoosa Co., AL.) The Tapley information and picture provided by Glenda Brack, descended of Thomas Pinkney Tapley and Mary Palestine Couch.

      sp Southey Tapley (b. Jan. 10, 1833 and d. Jun. 29, 1907 in Tallapoosa Co., AL) (He served in the 21st GA Regt, CSA.)

Keturah (Couch) Tapley with unidentified daughter and granddaughter          

         5-- Mary E. Tapley (b. 1866 in AL and d. ?) 

         5-- Nora A. Tapley (b. 1867 in AL and d. ?) 

         5-- John W. Tapley (b. 1869 in AL and d. ?) 

         5-- William Condon Drewey Tapley (b. ? and d. ?) 

           sp Inda Hawkins (b. ? and d. ?) 

                6-- Guford Glen Tapley (b. ? and d. ?) 

                  sp Virginia Ruth Patterson (b. ? and d. ?) 

                      7-- William Glen Tapley (b. ? and d. ?) 

     4-- Emily Eliza Couch (b. Mar. 1844 in GA and d. ?) (Couch, Emily E. married Smith, James M. 1860 Tallapoosa Co., AL.) She is listed with husband and four children on the same page as her father and his family in the 1870 Pike Co., Georgia Census.

       sp James M. Smith (b. 1847 in GA and d. ?)

         5-- John L. Smith (b. 1863 in AL and d. ?)

         5-- Elizabeth Smith (b. 1865 in AL and d. ?) 

         5-- J. T. Smith (b. 1867 in GA and d. ?)  

         5-- Mary Smith (b. 1870 in GA and d. ?)

     4-- Sarah Couch (b. 1845 in GA and d. ?) (Couch, Sarah E. married Thornton, Wiley M. 1861 Tallapoosa Co., AL.)

       sp Wiley M. Thorton (b. ? and d. Oct 5, 1862)  (He served with his brother-in-law, Thomas Mitchiner, in the 47th AL, Co. K and was killed in service Oct. 5, 1862.)

         5-- William Thorton (b. 1866 in AL and d. ?) Listed as g-son in family of John Couch 1870 Pike Co., Georgia Census.

     4-- John Quincy Couch (b. Aug. 15, 1845 in GA and d. ?)  (Couch, John Q. married Dismukes, Nancy C. Dec. 15, 1866 Troup Co., GA.) He is listed next to his father with a wife, Nancy C. and a son, Jesse J., in the 1870 Pike Co., Georgia Census. This is the last definite census record for him. He is possibly listed with a wife, not Nancy, and four children in the 1880 Gordon Co., Georgia Census. This John Couch by 1900 had moved to TX. He is perhaps listed with a third wife, Elizabeth, and youngest son, William, in the 1900 Comanche Co., Texas Census and has a son, John T. Couch, listed with a family in the 1910 Comanche Co., Texas Census. There is also a John Couch that matches up with the age of John Q. Couch in the 1880 Camp Co., Texas Census.   

       sp Nancy C. Dismukes (b. 1846 in GA and d. ?) (Is she his step sister?)

         5-- Jesse John Thomas Couch (b. 1867 in GA and d. ?) He is perhaps listed with his family in the 1910 Comanche Co., Texas Census.

           sp Alice L. _______ (b. 1869 and d. ?) GA

             6-- May Couch (b. 1890 TX and d. ?)

             6-- Oscar Couch (b. 1892 TX and d?)

             6-- Lottie S. (b. 1893 TX and d?)

             6-- Paul T. (b. 1897 TX and d?)

             6-- Allie (b. 1899 TX and d?)

             6-- Ruth (b. 1903 TX and d?)

             6-- Robert (b. 1908 TX and d?) 

         5-- Ida E. Couch (b. 1871 in GA and d. ?)

         5-- Charley W. Couch (b. 1875 in GA and d. ?)

           sp Ida B. _______ (1880 in TX and d. ?)

         5-- William P. Couch (1879 in GA and d. ?)

     4-- Pinkney Kinian Couch (b. 1848 in GA and d. ?) (Couch, Pinkney K. married Hammock, Nancy Dec. 22, 1874 Tallapoosa Co., AL. She is named with her mother and brothers and sisters in the will of her father, James T. Hammock, who died June 8, 1877 Tallapoosa Co., AL.) (They probably had a son, Dock Couch (b. abt. 1887 by the 1920 Comanche Co., TX Census). Dock Couch is listed with a wife, Lena age 31, and a daughter, Bonnie in the 1920 Comanche Co., TX Census. P.K. Couch had a infant child die in Comanche Co., TX in 1907. The death certificate for Pinkney Keynon Couch shows he died in Comanche Co., TX in 1928 although he is listed at age 69 in the 1920 Matagorda Co., TX Census. ) 

       sp Nancy I. V. Hammock ( b. Abt 1862 in Tallapoosa C., AL and d. ?)

The Last Will and Testament of James T. Hammock Dec'd The State of Alabama } Tallapoosa County } Know all men by these presents that it is my last will and testament that after my death, my wife Rebecca Hammock shall have my entire estate both real and personal, during her life and until our youngest child Ida F. Hammock become of age, after which said Estate is to be divided equally between my children, W. R. Hammock, John C. Hammock, James T. Hammock, George W. Hammock, Nancy I. V. Couch, Seaborn C Hammock, Enoch J. Hammock and Ida F. Hammock. (The minor children George W. Hammock, Seaborn Hammock, Enoch J. Hammock and Ida Hammock are to be supported from said Estate during their minority) and I James T Hammock do hereby devise and bequeath unto my wife my entire real estate to wit: The North half of the N. W. quarter of Sec 25, Township 23, Range 23, and The North West 1/4 of the S. W. 1/4 of Sec 25, T. 23, R. 23, two acres excepted, containing one hundred and eighteen acres; also my entire personal property during her life or until our youngest child Ida Hammock becomes of lawful age; and when Ida Hammock shall have become of age or is no longer a minor then my entire Estate both real and personal is to be divided equally between my eight children W. R. Hammock, John C. Hammock, James F. Hammock, George W. Hammock, Nancy I. V. Couch, Seaborn C. Hammock, Enoch J. Hammock and Ida F. Hammock In (?) whereof I hereunto set my hand and seal this the 7th day of June 1877. James T. Hammock (X His mark) Attest P. S. Washburn, E. Pursell. Will written June 7, 1877, James T died on June 8, 1877, will proofed July 17, 1877 in Tallapoosa Co, AL.

     4-- Mary Palestine Couch (b. Jan. 1855 in GA and d. Dec. 5, 1929 in Dadeville, AL)  (Couch, Mary P. married Tapley, Thomas P.* Aug. 31, 1868 Tallapossa Co., AL. See 1870 Tallapossa Co., Census for family.) From personal notes of Glenda Brack, about 1867 Mary Palestine Couch went to live with her sister Kiturah Couch Tapley due to difficulties between her stepmother and herself. It seems likely that this would be about the time that John and Bethenia moved back to Georgia. Picture provided by Glenda Brack.

       sp Thomas Pinkney (Bud) Tapley (b. Jan. 11, 1844 in GA  and d. Jan 15, 1940 in Lanett, Chambers Co., AL)

Mary P. (Couch) Tapley and Thomas Pickney Tapley          

         5-- Emily Tapley (b. 1869 in AL and d. ?)

         5-- Elizabeth Tapley (b. 1871 in AL and d. ?) 

         5-- J.G.W. Tapley (b. 1872 in AL and d. ?)  

         5-- Nannie Elizabeth Tapley (b. 1877 in AL and d. 1953)

               sp George Joshaway Allen (b. 1882 and d. 1936)

                    6-- George Joshaway Allen Jr. (b. 1906 and d. 1957)

                       sp Haley Welch (b. 1909 and d. 1973)

                          7-- Mary Madeline Allen (b. 1926 and d. ?)

                            sp Wilson Davis Hall Jr. (b. 1925 and d. ?)

                                 8-- Glenda Fay Hall (b. 1944 and d. ?)

                                   sp Lavern Samuel Brack (b. 1943 and d. ?) 

sp (2.) Bethany E. Dismukes (b. Aug. 1819 in GA and d. 1877 in Pike Co., GA)  (Married John Couch, Jun. 23, 1857, in Pike Co., GA.)

Pike Co., GA marriage certificate note from Glenda Brack reads:

To any Judge, Justice of the Inferior Court, Justice of the Peace or Minister of the Gospel, you are hereby authorized to join John Couch and Bethenia E. Dismukes in the Holy state of Matrimony according to the constitution and law of this state and for so doing this shall be your sufficient license.

Given under my hand this 18th day of June 1857, J. C. Beckham, Ordy

I certify that John Couch and Bethenia E. Dismukes were duly joined in matrimony by me the 23rd day of June 1857. Cadesman Pope, JP. Recorded Feb. 22, 1858. J. C. Beckham, Ord'y

(It seems apparent that life was complicated for John Couch in his second marriage. By the 1870 Pike Co., GA Census living in his family besides his wife and their daughter, Frances age 10, is a son, Pickney age 21 by his first marriage and three grandchildren by his daughter Martha Barnhart and one grandson by his daughter Sarah Thornton. He did have one married son, John Q. Couch age 23, next door.)

From a copy of papers in her files, Glenda Brack has noted that on Dec. 2, 1872 Bethena Couch filed for her husband's "small" estate. She was granted the estate for the care of John's minor child, Frances, and no other child is mentioned.

Source: Pike County, Georgia Probate Court Written: April 12, 1877 Recorded: June 4, 1877 Georgia, Pike County.

In the name of God Amen I Betheny E. Couch of said State and County being of advanced age but of sound and disposing mind and memory, knowing that I must shortly depart this life, deem it right and proper both as respects my family and myself, that I should make a disposition of the property with which a kind Providence has blessed me. I do therefore make this my last Will and Testament hereby revoking and annulling all others by me heretofore made. 1st I desire and direct that my body be buried in a decent and Christian like manner. My Soul I trust shall return to rest with God who gave it 2nd I desire and direct that all my just debts be paid without delay by my Executors George W. Strickland and John B. Mathews 3rd I give and bequeath to my beloved daughter Francis L. W. Couch all of my land Ten acres off the South East corner of Lot. No. 215 in the 9th Dist. of said County 4th I will and bequeath to my beloved daughter Francis L. W. Couch my sorrel horse, mule and all of my personal property of every kind to have and to hold for her own use and benefit Betheny E. Couch Signed, Sealed and declared and published by Betheny E. Couch as her last Will and Testament in the presence of us the undersigned who subscribed our names hereunto in the presence of said Testator at her request and in presence of each other.

Edwin D. Mathews Mary E. Clark M. E. Cochran Georgia Pike County Before me came on the 12th day of April 1877 at Chambers for the purpose of proving the last Will and Testament of Testament of Betheny E. Couch, one of the witnesses to said will viz: M. E. Cochran and the will having been brought before me for probate by one of the Executors to wit: George W. Strickland who has filed his petition for probate of the same. He the said witness depose of the same that he saw the said Betheny E. Couch sign and publish the same as her last will on the day and year therein stated, as executed by her, that he witnessed the same at her request, in her presence and in presence of each other that the same was voluntarily executed by her, while she was of sound and disposing mind and memory and that Edwin D. Matthews & Mary E. Clark also signed the will in his presence and in the presence of the said Betheny E. Couch Sworn to & subscribed before me this 12th day of April 1877 M. C. Cochran T. J. Blasingame Ordinary I Geo. W. Strickland do solemnly swear that the within writing contains the true last Will of the within named Betheny E. Couch deceased so far as I know or believe and that I will well and truly execute the same in accordance with the laws of this State. So help me God Sworn to and subscribed before me this June 4th 1877 T. J. Blasingame Ordinary George W. Strickland Recorded June 4th 1877 T. J. Blasingame Ordinary

       4-- Frances Luvenia Couch (b. 1859 in Ga and d. ?)  (Married T.J. Cook 1879, Pike Co., GA.)

       sp T. J. Cook (b. ? and d. ?)

* Note: Southey Tapley, husband of Kiturah Couch, and Thomas Tapley, husband of Mary Couch, were brothers, sons of Jordan Tapley and his first wife Rebecca Littleton. They also had a son named Goldman Tapley (b. May 7, 1834 in Barnsville, Pike Co., GA and d. ?) that served in the 47th AL, Co. F. , the same Regiment as Thomas Mitchiner, husband of Nancy Couch, and Wiley Thorton, husband of Sarah Couch, and was still living in Tallapoosa Co., AL in 1910.

Census Records Related to Nancy Couch:

1840 Randolph Co., Georgia:

John Couch head of household with wife and three sons and two daughters. (His wife would be Elizabeth, the sons Druey, William and Warren, the daughters Martha and Nancy.)

1850 Pike Co, Georgia: (John Couch head of household with wife and 10 children.)

John Couch, 38 SC

    Elizabeth, 34 SC

        Druey, 17 GA (No further information on this child.)

        Martha C., 15 GA

        William J., 14 GA

        Warren J., 12 GA

        Nancy C., 10 GA

        Kiturah, 8 GA

        Emily E., 7 GA

        Sarah, 5 GA

        John Q., 4 GA

        Kinin (Pinkney K.?), 1 GA

1860 Tallapoosa Co., Georgia: (John Couch head of household with new wife Bethany and new baby, Frances.)

John Couch (Tallap 128) 50 SC

    Bethany, 40 GA

        Warren, 21 GA

        Matilda, 16 GA

        Emily, 15 GA

        John, 14 GA

        Sarah, 12 GA

        Pickney (Kinin?), 10 GA

        Mary, 9 GA

        Frances, 9/12 GA

1860 Randolph Co, Georgia:

Thomas Mitchel (Mitchiner) head, 32 GA (He is listed with his wife next to three of his sisters and their families. By 1862 Tom and Nancy moved to Tallapossa Co., AL.)

    Nancy (Couch), 18 GA

1870 Tallapoosa Co., Alabama:

Thomas Michner /Mishner, (p. 103) 48 GA

    Nancy (Couch), 30 GA

        Susan, 5 AL

        Nora, 3 AL

        Mary (Mollie T.), 1 AL

Southey Tapley, (p. 87) 37  GA

    Kiturah (Couch), 27 GA

        Mary, 4 AL

        Nora, 3 AL

        John, 1 AL

Thomas Tapley, (p. 87) 24 GA

    Palestine (Mary Couch), 17 GA

        Emily, 1 AL 

1870 Pike Co., Georgia:

John Couch, (p.154 - 155) 59 SC

    Bethany, 50 GA

        Pickney K., 21 GA

        Francis, 10 GA

    Barnhart, Emily, g-dau., 10 GA - (parents John and Martha Barnhart)

        John F., g-son, 9 MS

        Isabella, g-dau., 6 AL

    Thornton, William, g-son, 4 AL - (parents Sarah and Wiley Thornton - Wiley killed in CW)

Mary Couch, (p. 155) 60 NC - (black, domestic servant, listed next to John Couch)

        Pilkenton, Amanda, 21 GA

            Julia, 3 GA

            Rachel, 6/12 GA

John Q. Couch, (p. 155) 23 GA - (listed next after Mary Couch)

    Nancy C., 25 GA

        Jesse J., 3 GA

James M. Smith, (p. 155) 23 GA - (listed same page as family of her father)

    Emily E. (Couch), 28 GA

        John L., 7 AL

        Elizabeth, 5 AL

        James T., 3 GA

        Mary, 2/12 GA

1880 Gordon Co., Georgia:

Couch, John., 35 GA (Perhaps John Quincy Couch and family, apparently went to Comanche Co., Texas by 1900?)

    M ?, 32 GA

        John T., 12 GA

        Ida E., 9 GA

        Charley W., 6 GA

        William P., 9/12 GA

1880 Camp Co., Texas:

Couch, John., 33 GA (This also could be John Quincy Couch and family?)

    Masonia, 30 GA

        J. S., 5 GA

    Walker, J. H., nephew, 5 GA           

1880 Tallapoosa Co., Alabama:

Tapley, S., 48 GA

    E.K. (Couch), 36 GA

        M.E., 14 AL

        N.A., 13 AL

        J.W., 11 AL

Tapley, T.P., 44 AL

    M.P. (Couch) 26 AL

        Emily, 11 AL

        Elizabeth, 9 AL

        J.G.W., 8 AL

        Nanney, 3 AL

1880 Morgan Co., Alabama:

Couch, William J., 34 AL

    Lavenia J., 32 AL

        James, 1 AL

1880 Nevada Co., Arkansas:

Couch, Warren J., 46 GA

    Lavonia, 27 GA

        Emily, 14 AL

        Julius, 12 AK

        Baltie, 8 AK

        Warren Q., 7 AK

        John, 6 AK

        Thomas, 5 AK

        Franie, 3 AK

        Unnamed, 1/12 AK

1880 Hunt Co., Texas:

T.W. Mitchiner, 57 GA

    N.A. (Couch), 37 GA

        S.E., 16 AL

        L. ?, 12 AL

        M.T., 11 AL

1900 Hunt Co., Texas:

T.W. Mitchiner, head, 72 GA

    Nancy A. (Couch), wife, 59 GA

        Ross, son, 19 TX

        Mollie Duncan, dau,  30 TX

            Rossie, g-dau, 7 TX

            Mitchiner, g-son, 5 TX

            Annie, g-dau, 3 TX

            Lula Weaver, g-dau, 16 TX (mother Susan, deceased)

            Gina ?, g-dau, 13 TX (mother, Susan, deceased)

1900 Morgan Co., Alabama:

Couch, William J., 57 AL

    Vina J., 54 AL

        James T., 21 AL

1900 Comanche Co., Texas:

Couch, John, 55 GA  (Perhaps John Quincy Couch and family, same as John Couch in the 1880 Gordon Co., GA Census.)

     Elizabeth, 57 GA (Not the same wife as in the John Couch family in the 1880 Gordon Co., GA Census)

        Willie, 19 GA (Perhaps the William P. at age of 9/12 in the family of John Quincy Couch in the 1880 Gordon Co., GA Census.)   

1910 Comanche Co., Texas:

John T. Couch., 42 GA (Son of John Couch in the 1880 Gordon Co., GA Census and possible son of John Quincy Couch?)

    Allie L., 41 GA

        May, 20 TX

        Oscar W., 18 TX

        Lottie S., 17 TX

        Paul T., 13 TX

        Allie, 11 TX

        Ruth ?, 7 TX

        Robert 2, TX   

1920 Comanche Co., Texas: (Also with wife and daughter, 1930 Hamilton Co., TX Census and as Dock F. with just wife, 1900 Knox Co., TX Census)

Dock Couch, 33 GA (Probable son of P.K. Couch)

    Lena, 31 GA

        Bonnie, 5 TX

1920 Matagorda Co., Texas:

P.K. Couch, 69 GA (No family listed. He died in Comanche Co., TX in 1928.)


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