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Richard Edward Garner (8-9-1840 GA - 6-17-1926 Highland, CA)




Ancestry of Richard Edward Garner and Frances Louisa (Boggs) Garner

NOTE: Source of some information on Richard, his parents, and grandparents from Lucy Steward.

1-- JOHN GARNER (born 1779, Randolph Co.,  NC - and died in Cherokee Co., GA. He is buried Sardis Baptist Church Cemetery, Cherokee Co., GA.) Paternal Grandfather of Richard Edward Garner. John Garner may have been a Baptist minister. (Note: Who his parents are has not been verified.)

sp JANE Chapman (born 1788 SC - and died ?. She is buried Sardis Baptist Church Cemetery, Cherokee Co., GA.) Paternal Grandmother of Richard Edward Garner. Jane 'Jenney' Chapman is the daughter of Joseph Chapman (born Dec. 25, 1745 Halifax Co., VA and died 1836) and Mary _____, (born about 1780 and died ?).

John is listed as head of family in the 1840 Hall Co.,  GA Census. He may be the John Garner that operated the Garner's Ferry on the Oconee River in the early 1800's. They are listed together in the 1850 Division, Cherokee Co., GA Census. He is a farmer, age 67 and she is 64. They are listed together in the 1860 Waleska, Cherokee Co., GA Census. He is 81years old and a laborer and she is 72 years old. The value of their personal estate is $100. Jane was a charter member of the Sardis Baptist Church. John joined the church on 9-6-1852. The church is near Waleska, Cherokee Co., GA north of Atlanta. His gravestone only reads "John G.". Jane is believed buried next to him in an unmarked grave. Luch Steward estimates they died between 1860-70. Next to his grave is the grave of WILLIAM P. GARNER who died in 1858, a son of John and Jane and uncle of Richard Edward Garner. The earlier Garner's in the line of direct descent had come to VA from England in the late 1600's. John and Jane had the following children:

    Nancy Garner was born 1806 in SC. Nancy married John G. Byrd Jr. on 18 Nov 1824.
    Elizabeth Garner was born 1810. Elizabeth married Caine Evans on 3 Jun 1826. Caine was born about 1805 in SC.
    Henry Garner was born 1819 in SC. He died before 1860 in GA. Henry married Mahalie Stringer on 22 Jun 1837
    William P. Garner was born 1823 and died by 1860. He is buried in the Sardis Baptist Church Cemetery, Cherokee Co., GA. William married Matlida Boggs.  
    George W Garner was born 1827 in SC. He died 24 Jun 1899 in Cherokee Co., GA. George married (1) Uranah Jane Osborn on 17 Mar 1832. George also married (2) Mary C Holbrook on 27 Jan 1873.

2-- HENRY GARNER (born 1819 SC - and died ? ) Father of Richard Edward Garner. Concerning Henry, Lucy Steward wrote, "Henry was a blacksmith. It is believed that Henry and Mahalie died between 1850 and 1860. This belief is justified by the fact that the two youngest children, Ann, age 10, and William, age 8, are found in the home of the daughter and sister of Richard, MARIETTA JANE (GARNER) DOSS in the 1860 census." His uncle, WILLIAM P. GARNER, died in 1858. His Aunt is MATILDA (BOGGS) GARNER. In the 1860 Waleska, Cherokee Co., GA Census Richard E., who was eighteen years old and a laborer, was living in the household headed by his Aunt. Her real estate value was $1000. The value of her personal estate was $1358.

Joanna Carter gave this version concerning Henry Garner:
"Henry was named for his paternal grandfather Henry, a long time family name. He first appears in Georgia records when he and Mahala were married 22 December 1836. They were living next door to his father, John, in the 1840 census. It is not known just when Henry moved to Georgia. His father John was involved in many land transactions between people in Pendleton and Hall counties, but never his own land. It is believed he still maintained Pickens County as home base as he was still in the 1830 census.
On 5 October 1837, two days before the birth of his first child (Mahala Josephine), living in Hall County, Henry enrolled for 6 months and served as Pvt. in Capt. A.Chastain's Co., 1st Regt., 1st Mounted Brigade in the War with the Seminole Indians in Florida. He was discharged 7 May 1838 at Camp Call.
Henry did not receive land in 1832, the last of the Georgia Land Lotteries, but he had relatives; Samuel and Mary Crews, and William and Jane Hyatt, who did receive lucky draws in Cass County. Henry was a blacksmith, a trade he probably learned from his brother-in-law William Hyatt in Cass County. Tradition says, "Daughter Marietta had always lived near John Newton Doss, whom she married." John N. lived in Cass County before everyone moved to 15th District in Cherokee County by 1850.
In October 1850 Henry applied for bounty land in California, to which he was entitled for his service in the Florida Seminole Indian War under Acts of 1847-1855. He received 80 acres in San Joaquin County as a "North California Bounty Land Grantee".
Henry's two youngest children; Nancy and Samuel arrived after he received his land grant and before he left for California. We don't know just when and how he went to California. Tradition says that "Henry went to the California Gold Rush and was never heard from again." It is further said that "Mahala later died of a broken heart." Her death occured sometime between the birth of Samuel and the 1860 census.
A search of the 1860 census in California reveals that Henry Garner, age 42, b. South Carolina, a quartz miner, was still living alone in a mining camp in Tuolome County, California. He was still there in 1870, age 52, a blacksmith, still alone, assets $150.00, still looking for that pot of gold. Incidentally, the census record indicated he could not read or write. He is not to be found in the California 1880 census index, so he must have migrated to find another lode in another state, or else had gone on to that :great Gold Mind in the Sky."
(Note: In the 1860 Tuolumne Co., California census Henry has $5000 in personal property and in the 1870 census for the same place he has $150 in real estate and a personal estate of $100. He seems to have had the funds to return to his family in Georgia if he had chosen to return. In 1934 Aaron Henry Garner, a son of Richard Edward Garner and a grandson of Henry, died of injuries falling down a mine shaft in Tuolumne Co., CA. Aaron may gone there knowing his grandfather had mined there and had acquired 80 acres.)

 Veteran's Land Grant...Florida Seminole Indian Wars (Acts 1847-1855)
 Service in Florida Seminole Indian Wars (Private in Captain Chastain's Co., 1st Mounted Brigade) October 5, 1837 - May 7, 1838 (discharged at Camp Bell)
Veteran's Land Grant later used to acquire 80 acres in San Joaquin County, California, United States

sp MAHALIE L. STRINGER (She was born 1817 in Laurens, SC. and died ? ) Married: Hall Co., GA on 6-22-1837.

Mahalie was the daughter of OLIVIA WESTBROOKS, Maternal Grandmother of Richard Edward Garner, and JOHN STRINGER (b. 1792 in SC and d. 1860, buried in Stringer Cemetery, Gainesville). Maternal Grandfather of Richard Edward Garner. He was an early settler in Hall Co., GA.


In the 1830 Federal Census for Hall Co., the John Stringer family was enumerated as:
    under 5 male: 2
    between 5 and 10 male: 3
    between 30 and 40 male: 1
    between 5 and 10 female: 1
    between 10 and 15 female: 2
    between 40 and 50 female: 1
    There were no slaves.

In the 1840 Federal Census for District 565, Hall Co., the John Stringer family was enumerated as:
    between 10 and 15 male: 2
    between 15 and 20 male: 2
    between 40 and 50 male: 1
    between 20 and 30 female: 2
    between 50 and 60 female: 1
    There were three slaves: one male under 10, one male between 24 and 36, and one female between 24 and 36.

In the 1850 Federal Census for Hall Co., District 38, John Stringer's family was enumerated as:
    John Stringer, 56, farmer, real estate valued at $1200.
    B. Stringer, 62.
    J. Stringer, 19, M, laborer.
    There were seven slaves: one male 37, one female 35, one male 10, one female 10, one male 6, one female 3, and one female 1.
(After the death of his first wife, John Stringer married Olivia Westbrooks in Hall Co. on September 1, 1853.)

In the 1860 Federal Census for Hall Co., 411 District, the John Stringer family was enumerated as:
    John Stringer, 67, farmer, real estate valued at $3,000 and personal property valued at $12,000.
    Olive A. Stringer, 40.
    There were two slave houses and seven slaves: one male 65, one female 40, one male 21, one male 18, one female 15, one male 9, and one male 8.


The following information on the will of John Stringer is from Hall County Georgia Will Book A, 26-27: Dated: 24 July 1860.

Alexander M. Stringer one of the executors of Will of John Stringer late of said county and two witnesses: Patrick O'Conner and James F. Law produced in court last Will and Testament of John Stringer. Signed: Alexander M. Stringer, William A. Stringer, Sworn and subscribed to: 6 August 1860, p. 149-150. (Note: Alexander M. Stringer, a son of John Stringer, was the grandson of Daniel Stringer. According to Sybil McRay's article, October 5, 1893 in the Gainesville Eagle,''A. M. Stringer's grandfather, Daniel Stringer, was in the Revolutionary Army. This verifies that John Stringer was the son of Daniel Stringer."

Will of John Stringer, dated: 2 May 1856, Probated: 14 January 1861, Ralph S. Law Ordinary. I will and bequeath to my beloved wife: Olivia Stringer, $100. in cash. All my estate real and personal to be divided equally to all my children settling with each what I have charged against them.
    Daughters: Mary Cruise, Nancy Ann Mullins, Elizabeth Westbrooks, Mahala Garner, Jane A. Hyatt
    Sons: William A., John G., Alexander M., Daniel M., and James A.
    Executors: Sons, Alexander M. and William A. Stringer and friend, Martin Graham.
    Witt: Richard Banks, James F. Law, P. O'Conner, John Stringer, p. 151-153,

The following children were alive when his will was written:
    Mary Stringer. Married Samuel S. Crews on January 7, 1830 in Hall Co.
    Nancy Ann Stringer. Born about 1830. Married Burton Mullins on June 13, 1833. in Hall Co.
    Elizabeth Stringer. Married John R. Westbrook on August 17, 1837 in Hall Co.
    Mahala Stringer. Born about 1817. Married Henry Garner on January 22, 1837 in Hall Co.
    Jane A. Stringer. Born about 1820. Married William P. Hyatt on August 8, 1844 in Hall Co.
    William A. Stringer. Married Marab Odle on January 5, 1840 in Hall Co.
    John G. Stringer. Married Mary Odle on November 3, 1842 in Hall Co.
    Alexander M. Stringer. Born April 6, 1825. Married Susan Read on February 4, 1845 in Hall Co. Married Mary Elizabeth Hope on May 30, 1870 in Hall Co.
    Daniel M. Stringer. Born 1827. Died January 10, 1890. Buried in Alta Vista Cemetery, Gainesville.
    James A. Stringer.

3-- RICHARD EDWARD GARNER (8-9-1840 GA - 6-17-1926 Highland, CA)

sp FRANCES LOUISA BOGGS (1840 - 1928 Highland, CA)

In 1850 Federal Census for Cherokee Co., Division 15, GA, Richard at age 8, is living in the the household headed by his father, HENRY GARNER. His father was born in South Carolina while his mom and Richard and his five sibling are all born in Georgia. Prior to the war, at age 18, Richard is listed in the household headed by his Aunt MATILDA (BOGGS) GARNER in the 1860 Federal Census for Cherokee Co., GA. His parents had apparently died as well as his uncle, WILLIAM P. GARNER. Richard was about twenty years old when he enlisted on August 31, 1861 in the 23rd Infantry Regiment at the start of the War of Southern Succession. He was assigned to Co. G. and is listed as R.E.M. Garner, private. He was promoted to full musician and served in the Regimental band as a French horn player (See 23rd GA Volunteers, file number M226, roll 22.) In the last full-scale battle of the war between Union troops commanded by General William T. Sherman and Confederate troops commanded by General Joseph E. Johnston his regiment, as part of Colquitt's Brigade under General Braxton Bragg, Department of North Carolina, took part in the March 19-21, 1865 Battle of Bentonville in NC. On April 26, 1865 his unit, as part of the Army of Tennessee under General Johnston, was surrendered to General Sherman at Bennett's farmhouse near Durham, NC. This was the largest troop surrender of the war. Following the surrender his regiment was disbanded at Goldsboro, NC.   

Lucy Steward had this to say about Richard concerning the war. "No doubt his courage and his soul were tried severly many times as this young country boy marched valiantly toward the awesome thunder of powerful guns. No soldier was gifted with prophesy so as to say who would be next of his company comrades to miss roll call. Somewhere in the midst of those terrifying moments young Richard E. Garner ran the flag of faith over the citadel of his soul and turned to the Prince of Peace for his blessed assurance. As soon as he could, he sat down and awrote his letter to the Sardis Church asking them to receive his membership on his profession of faith and stating that he had been baptized by a legal administrator, Doc Breaker, army missionary, on May 14, 1864. Upon his return, he was baptized after the war and became a member of Sardis Church.

Garner, R.E.M. (Service Record, 23rd Georgia Infantry, Co. G.)
   mustered 8-31-61 at Camp McDonald, Ga.
   Admitted Seminary Hosp 3-21-62 Febris Intermittens, Debilitas, returned to duty 3-27-62
   Admitted Gen Hosp #18, 5-18-62 Rubeola, Transferred to Danville Va.
   Admitted Gen Hosp Danville Va. 5-6-62 Acute Diarrhea, returned to duty 6-8-62
   Roll Jan/Feb 64 transferred to Regt Band
   Admitted Pettigrew Gen Hosp #13 Raleigh N.C. returned to duty

Following the war Richard married FRANCES LOUISA BOGGS in South Carolina. She was the daughter of AARON BOGGS, JR. (b. February 22, 1790 in Anderson Co., SC and d. August 1876 in Salubrity, Pickens Co., SC. and buried in the Mt Zion UMC Cemetery, Pickens Co., SC) and MATILDA GAINES (b. January 14, 1813 in Abbeville Co., SC and d. February 13, 1888 in Salubrity, Pickens Co., SC). Her parents married on March 16, 1837.  The parents of her father were AARON BOGGS, SR. (b. October 10, 1750 in Chester Co., PA and d. March 26, 1832 in Pendleton District, SC. He was a Revolutionary War Soldier and is buried in Pickens Chapel, Anderson Co., SC. (See Grave Marker) and ELIZABETH HAMILTON (b.July 1, 1761 in York District, SC and d. July 26, 1828 in Anderson Co., SC and buried in Pickens Chapel, Anderson Co., SC.). Elizabeth is the daughter of DAVID HAMILTON and JANE WALLACE who married on November 19, 1781 in York Co., SC.

The parents of the mother of Francis were JAMES GAINES and NANCY ARNOLD. They both were born in SC. Frances was the half sister of Richard's Aunt MATILDA (BOGGS) GARNER that was married to his uncle, WILLIAM P. GARNER. His aunt and uncle are listed with three children in the 1850 Federal Census for Cherokee Co., Division 15, GA. His aunt was the daughter of AARON BOGGS, JR. and his first wife, SYLVANIA GARNER, who married in 1818. His first wife was the daughter of HENRY GARNER, JR. and NANCY POOLE. If Richard did not meet Frances before the war, he would have known about her through his aunt. He is listed in the 1869 militia enrollment on Roll of Citizens for Garvin Township, Pickens Co., South Carolina. They lived near her parents in Pickens Co., South Carolina and from the 1870 Census he worked as a miller, perhaps for her father. By 1880 following the death of her father they lived in Walhalla, Oconee Co, South Carolina and he was a farmer. While many people lost everything in the south because of the war, somehow they had enough means to buy and sell a number of town lots as well as some acreage outside of town. One purchase was for $600 and another was for $1500. Perhaps Frances may have been given some property by her father.

Sometime between 1890 and 1895 he moved his family from Walhalla, South Carolina to Grayson, Co., Texas wher he was a farmer. (He is probably not related to the former Vice President, John Nance Garner IV. The Nance Garners migrated to Texas from Virginia by the way of Tennessee.) His granddaughter, Margaret Mitchiner Franz, stated that they went from South Carolina first to Florida where Richard had served with his unit during the war before moving to Texas. He apparently did not apply in Texas for a Confederate Pension. In his Family Bible there is a white ribbon. On the ribbon is printed "Texas" and "Bob Stone Camp U.C.V. No. 93". In her book History of Montague County, Mrs. W. R. Potter wrote, "The United Confederate Veterans stand for proper loyalty to the Lost Cause and the perpetuation of Southern history. Many a touching story could be told of how the more fortunate veterans have helped their comrades in distress and need. The first United  Confederate Veteran camp organized in Montague County was called the "Bob Stone Camp." It was organized about 1880. Bob Bean was chosen captain. The home of this camp is at Nocona. The camp has beautiful grounds here, and each year they have the pleasure of a reunion with their old friends and comrades." Montague Co. is just west of Grayson Co. along the Oklahoma and Texas border.

Around 1911, at the age of 70, he and his wife moved with their adult children and their families to Highland, California where he worked as a laborer. Their sons came to California for temporary jobs working on getting the Colorado back into its channel around the Salton Sea area. By 1920 Richard made his living by resoling shoes. His shoe shop was located in a livery stable of his son, Gus, near their home in Highland. When he was 78 and his wife was 76 years old their two-year-old granddaughter, Margaret (Marge) Mitchiner, by their only daughter Ressie came to live with them. (See 2 pictures and tribute by Marge.) As reported in the Walhalla newspaper on October 16, 1918, p3, Col E., Ressie died suddenly after giving birth following a difficult pregnancy where she seemed to have overcome appendixcitus. The baby "never opened his eyes upon the world." Six of Ressie's eight brothers were still living when she died. Two brother may have died early as their names are not known. There was some question after Ressie died in 1918 among her parents and brothers if Margaret’s new stepmother, IVA Allmon, was a fit mother. Apparently she was suspected of trying to poison her stepchildren after they ate some caster beans. In Highland all the Garner's attended the Congregational Church since there was not a Baptist Church. Richard Edward Garner died in 1926. He and his wife are buried at Mountain View Cemetery, Highland, California.

Obituary for Richard Edward Garner, age 85
The San Bernardino County Sun, June 19, 1926, page 12:
"HIGHLAND, June 18. R. E. Garner died at 5:10 o'clock last evening at the family home on East Pacific Avenue. The end came peacefully, the aged man dropping to sleep after enjoying a light supper and having visited with his wife and children. Mr. Garner had been very ill recently, but had improved, and It was believed that he would get out and around again, but his work was finished and the end came suddenly without any warning. Richard Edward Garner was born Aug. 9, 1840, in Canton, Ga. He united with the Baptist faith In 1881. He was united in marriage June 25, 1865, to Miss Frances Louise Boggs at her home In Central South Carolina. The young people lived for a while In South Carolina, moving from there to Sherman, Texas, where they resided for 14 years. From Sherman they came to Highland, taking up their residence here 17 years ago last New Year's. To Mr. and Mrs. Garner were born nine children. Two died In Infancy and their only daughter, Mrs. Ressie Mitchiner, died in 1918. He is survived by the widow, Mrs. Frances Garner, and six sons, W. V. Garner of Highland, A. H. Garner of Oakland, O. F. Garner of Turlock, J. R. Garner of San Bernardino and A. J. and Frank Garner of Highland. The sons, who reside at a distance, had come home upon learning of their father's Illness and all had joined the reunion and were here when the end came. Mr. Garner is also survived by 11 grandchildren and nine great grandchildren. One granddaughter, Margaret Mitchiner, has been a loved member of the grandparents' home ever since her mother's death. Mr. Garner has been exceedingly happy In his home life and was a highly respected citizen. Funeral services will be held at 2 o'clock Saturday afternoon in the Mark B. Shaw chapel, with Interment In Mountain View cemetery."

Obituary for Frances Louise Garner, age 88
The San Bernardino County Sun,  November 19, 1928, page 9:
"FRANCES L. GARNER Mrs. Frances L. Garner, mother of Constable A. J. Garner, of Highland, died early yesterday morning at the family home on Pacitic avenue, Highland. She had been in poor health for some months. Mrs. Garner was 88 years old and a native of South Carolina. She had resided In Highland for the last 18 years. In addition to Constable Gamer Mrs. Garner is survived by five other sons, including W. V. and Frank Garner of Highland, James R. Garner of San Bernardino, O. F. Garner of Turlock, and A. H. Garner of Oakland. She is also survived by two sisters, Mrs. Etta Gar-vlna (sp) and Mrs. George Gans (sp) of Central, South Carolina, and a brother, John Boggs of Georgia, Twelve grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren also survive. Mrs. Garner was a devoted member of the Congregational church of Highland. Funeral service will be held Tuesday afternoon at 2 o'clock from the Mark B. Shaw memorial chapel. Interment will be in Mountain View."
The San Bernardino County SunNovember 21, 1928, page 13:
"Funeral Service Is Held for Mrs. Frances L. Garner; Many Highland Friends Are Present Profusion of Flowers Testifies to Esteem in Which Aged Woman Was Held ( Special Staff Correspondence) HIGHLAND, Nov. 20. Funeral services for the late Mrs. Frances L. Garner were held this afternoon at 2 o'clock, and a large number of Highland friends gathered to pay a farewell tribute to this estimable woman. Mrs. Garner, who has been a resident of Highland for many years, was a devoted member of the Highland Congregational church, and she was greatly loved in the church and community. The service was conducted by her pastor, the Rev. Harold V. Hartshorn, assisted by the Rev. Frank E. Dell, a former pastor and close friend of the Garner family. There was a special sentiment in the Rev. Mr. Dell's farewell tribute to Mrs. Garner, he having officiated at the burials of her husband and of their only daughter, the late Mrs. Reggie Mitchiner. A granddaughter, Emma Mitchiner, sang "The End of a Perfect Day," by Carrie Jacobs Bond, and the Ewlng trio played "Andante," by Techalkowsky, and "Traumerel," by Schumann. Pallbearers were four grandsons, Jack and Dick Mitchiner, Fred and Orlando Garner, and Herbert Locke and Carl Nickels. Friends followed to Mountain View, where she was laid to rest beside her loved ones. Gorgeous autumn flowers covered all of the graves in the family plot, bespeaking the love of many friends."
"Died Sunday After Few Days' Illness: Mrs. Garner passed away early Sunday morning, after a few day's illness. Owing to her advanced age, she was frail and recently had not been strong and well, but she maintained a keen interest in the home, which she kept for two sons, and for her granddaughter, Margaret Mitchlner, whom she has raised since infancy with the devoted care of a mother. Frances L. Boggs was born in Center, Pickens county, S. C, May 26, 1840. When a young woman she was a schoolteacher, and at the close of the Civil war, June 25, 1865, she was married to Richard E. Garner. They were the parents of nine children, six sons of whom are living, namely, W. V., A. J. and Frank Garner, all of Highland; J. R., of San Bernardino; O. F., of Turlock, and A. H., of Santa Rosa. Twelve grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren (all residing in this state), two sisters in South Carolina, and an only brother, John Boggs, of Georgia, also survive her. The family moved in 1898 from South Carolina to Texas, and in 1910 they came to Highland, where they have since resided. Mr. and Mrs. Garner celebrated their sixtieth wedding anniversary with an informal open house, and during the day and evening hosts of friends came and went to pay their respects to these estimable citizens, and share in the happiness of the bride and groom of 60 years. Shortly after this Mr. Garner passed away, and Grandma Garner, as she was affectionately known in the community, has sweetly and cheerfully "carried on," awaiting the reunion in the Great Beyond."

AARON BOGGS: CENSUS RECORDS, PICKENS CO., SC. (Richard Edward Garner's Father-in-law.)

In the 1850 Federal Census for Pickens Co., Eastern Division, SC. the Aaron Boggs family was enumerated as:
Boggs, Aaron, 60, m w, Farmer, Value of real Estate $5000, SC
    Matilda, 36, f w, SC  (Matilda Gaines, second wife of Aaron Boggs. His wife was Sylvania Garner and they had eight children.)    
    Henry, 23, m w, Laborer, SC
    Andrew N. 21, m w Laborer, SC
    Martha M., 16, f w, SC
    Francis L., 11, f w, SC (Future wife of Richard Edward Garner, and oldest child of Aaron and Matilda (Gaines) Garner)
    Marietta, 9, f w, SC
    Thomas R., 7, m w, SC
    George A. J., 4, m w, SC
    John C. C., 1/12, m w, SC
    William B., 2, m w, SC  

In the 1860 Federal Census for Pickens Co., Salubrity PO, SC. the Aaron Boggs family was enumerated as:
Boggs, Aaron, 70, m w, Farmer, Real Estate Value $4000, Personal Estate $15,400, Anderson Co., SC.
    Matilda, 47, f w, Abbeville Co., SC
    Francis L., 21, Pickens Co., SC
    Marietta, 19, Pickens Co., SC
    Thomas K., 17, Pickens Co., SC
    Georga, 14, Pickens Co., SC
    William B., 12, Pickens Co., SC
    John C. C., 10, Pickens Co., SC
    Margaret J., 8, Pickens Co., SC
    Hollingswoth, Stephen, 17, Teacher, Pickens Co., SC

In the 1870 Federal Census for Pickens Co., Mile PO, Garvin Township, SC. Aaron Boggs family was enumerated as:
Boggs, Aaron, 80, m w, Farmer, Real Estate Value $1300, Personal Estate $800, SC.
    Matilda, 57, f w, Housekeeper, SC
    Georgianna, 22, f w,Without, SC
    Berry, 21, m w, Farm Laborer, SC
    Margaret, 17, f w,Without, SC

Richard Edward Garner and Frances Louisa (Boggs) Garner
(Note: There are no living Richard Edward Garner direct male line descendants!)
All of Richard and Frances Garner's children and their families moved to TX from SC between 1890 and 1895.
Around 1905 Richard and Frances moved from TX to Highland, San Bernardino Co., CA.

(While five of their six sons worked some in AZ, all their children and families resided at times in the Highland area of San Bernardino Co., CA.)

4-- WILLIAM VICTOR (WILLIE) GARNER (3-9-1868 SC * 2-15-1940, age 71, in Highland, CA, buried Mountain View Cemetery) He is listed at age 2 with his parents and one brother in 1870 Pickens Co., Five Mile PO, Garvin Township, South Carolina. He is listed at age 12 with his parents and five brothers in the 1880 Oconee Co., Walhalla, Wagner Township, page 306d, South Carolina. He is listed at age 32 with his wife age 31 and four children in the 1900 Grayson Co., TX census. He is listed in the 1910 San Bernardino Co., Highland Township, CA with his wife and four children and works as a teamster. He has not been found in a 1920 census but in the 1930 Highland, San Bernardino Co., CA census he is listed at age 61 with his second wife, Lydia, age 54. The following additional notice was in The San Bernardino County Sun, February 27, 1940, page 12:  "HIGHLAND, Feb. 26. W. V. Garner, well-known citizen of this community, died last evening and, though he had been in failing health for some time, the end came suddenly. He had only been confined to bed for the last 10 days and yesterday morning was moved to the hospital where he died. Funeral services will be held Wednesday at 11 a.m. at the Mark B. Shaw Memorial chapel. Interment arrangements have not been completed. Mr. Garner, a native of Pickens county, S. C, was 72 years of age. With his family he came to Highland from the south in 1904 and this community has been his home continuously since that time. Always having been a lover of the soil, Mr. Garner has been associated here with the raising of citrus fruit and was interested in farming when living in the south. He had always known and had fine horses and in the days before the faithful animals were supplanted in grove work by machinery, Mr. Garner's teams were among the finest. Mr. Garners first wife passed away here many years ago and in 1927 he was married to Mrs. Lydia Phy, who survives him.  Mr. Garner as a young man was affiliated with the Methodist church but had never brought his letter from his church in the south. Besides the widow, the deceased leaves four children by his former marriage, Jay Garner of St. Louis, Fred Garner of Colton, Mrs. Eloise Thorne of Placerville, and Mrs. Mary Locke of Santa Paula. Six grandchildren also survive, William and Orland Garner, Jimmy Thorne, and Floyd, Mildred and Dorothv May Locke. Mr. Garner leaves one brother, O. F. Garner of Turlock, the last of the six Garner brothers, sons of the late Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Garner, all former residents of Highland. Rev. Harold V. Hartshorn will officiate at the funeral. Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Locke arrived this afternoon from Santa Paula and Mrs. Thorne will arrive in San Bernardino tomorrow noon from Placerville." The following additional notice was in The San Bernardino County Sun, February 28, 1940, page 19: "William V. Garner, 71, native of Pickens county, South Carolina; resident of California and Highland 35 years. Funeral services 11 a.m. today from Mark B. Shaw Memorial chapel; burial in Mountain View cemetery."
 sp (1) EULA CLAIRE FLOYD (10-21-1868 SC * 10-29-1920 in Highland, San Bernardino Co., CA) Their six children:
     5-- CLAUDE GARNER ( * died SC at the age of 5 years)
     5-- ANNE LOUISE GARNER ( * died SC at age 3 months)
     5-- JAMES RICHARD GARNER ("Jay") (9-29-1890 SC * 6-?-1965 MO?) He is listed at age 9 in the family of his father and mother with three siblings in the 1900 Grayson Co., TX census. He is listed at age 18 in the 1910 San Bernardino Co., Highland Township, CA with his parents and three siblings. His WWI draft registration card dated June 5, 1917 gives his address as Phoenix, AZ and he works for Household Furniture Store in Douglas, AZ. He is a widower and has a dau. under 12. He is 26, short height, medium built with light blue eyes and brown hair.  As reported in the San Bernardino News, page 2, on September 21, 1918: "Jay Garner has returned to Los Angeles and Fred Garner to Camp Kearny after having spent a few days at the home of their parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. V. Garner." He is listed by himself in the 1920 Los Angeles, CA census. He is 29 and works as a mechanic on the street railway. His marital status is divorced. In the 1930 census for Fort Leavenworth, KS at age 39 he is listed as Jay R. Garner, single and an inmate. In 1940 when his father died he is in St. Louis.
sp EMMA LOUISE CHAPMAN (1-17-1897 TX * 9-7-1980 Los Angeles, CA SSDI) Parents E.E. Chapman and _____Reed. Married 9-14-1911 Douglas, Cochise Co., AZ. Divorced. Their child:
          6-- EMMA LOUISE GARNER ("Louise") (6-22-1912 San Bernardino, CA * )
After her divorce from James R. Garner, Emma Garner married John R. McCrummen (abt. 1892 TX - by 1930). They had a son, John. Her daughter, Louise, was adopted by her great aunt Pearl and her husband, William Jessen. Louise is listed in the family of her great uncle and aunt in the 1920 and 1930 TX census for El Paso. The 1930 census gives her place of birth as CA and that she is adopted.
An article in the El Paso Herald, May 29, 1919, was titled "Miss Emma Louise Garner becomes the Bride of John R. McCrummen." John worked in Clifton, AZ for a smelting company. She was given away by her uncle, William Jessen. Emma McCrummen is listed at age 33 in the 1930 TX census for El Paso, a widow with her son, John, age 10.  She is listed in the 1940 CA census for Los Angeles at age 42, a widow, with her son John, age 20. She is a stengrapher and does bookkeeping.
 5-- FREDERICK ORLAND GARNER ("Fred") (3-4-1895 Sherman, TX * 11-15-1960, age 65, San Bernardino, CA) Married 6-16-1918 Orange, CA. His WWI registration card of June 5, 1917 states he twenty two, single and is a farm laborer. As reported in the San Bernardino News, page 2, on September 21, 1918: "Jay Garner has returned to Los Angeles and Fred Garner to Camp Kearny after having spent a few days at the home of their parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. V. Garner." In the 1920 census for Highland, San Bernardino Co., he is twenty four and his wife is Elaine B. Garner, born in Iowa. The following article was in The San Bernardino Sun, June 17, 1927, page 3: "Mrs. Eunice Loftis And F. 0. Garner Married in Orange. Eunice Loftis and F. O. Garner were quietly married Saturday afternoon, the wedding taking place at the home of the bridegroom s sister, Mrs, Herbert Lock, in Orange. Rev. McDonald, pastor of the First Christian church, of Orange, read the ceremony in the presence of the parents and near relatives of the couple. The bride wore a beautiful frock of pink crepe de chine with pink hat, and corresponding accessories. A wedding tea was served at the home following the ceremony. Lovely bouquets of pink carnations and white daisies decorated the home and also centered the tea. Mrs. Garner is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Wood, of 247 Prospect avenue, and the bridegroom is the son of William V. Garner of Highland. He is associated with the C. A. Messer Realty Co. Mr. and Mrs. Garner will return here in a few days to make their home, and have planned to take a wedding journey to Canada later in the summer." When his father died in 1940 he was living in Colton. In the 1940 CA census for San Bernardino he is head of a household that only includes his son, Orland, age fourteen and he works at a cement plant as a cement finisher. His WWII draft registration card dated April 27, 1942 states he is living in Colton and unemployed. As reported in the San Bernardino News, page 9, on July 10, 1949: "Orland F. Garner, San Bernardino, paid $5 for failing to give an arm signal."
      sp (1) ELAINE BEATRICE DAVIS (abt. 1900 IA * ) Married October 23, 1919 San Bernardino. She is a daughter of George (Pop) Davis (? IL * 7-30-1950 San Bernardino, CA, age 89, and Kildia Mary ______( * ). George lived in.San Bernardino 65 years and was a US marshall for 45 years. Fred and Elaine had two sons:
          6-- WILLIAM G. GARNER (7-24-1921 San Bernardino, CA * ?) He was living in San Bernardino in 1950 when his grandfather, George Davis died.
          6-- ORLAND CECIL GARNER (4-6-1926 CA * 1-1-1989 (SSDI), age 63, San Bernardino, CA, buried Riverside National Cemetery) He enlisted August 8, 1944 and his marital status is single. As reported in the San Bernardino News, page 22, on October 20, 1949: "Orland C. Garner Pleads Guilty in Traffic Case: Orland C. Garner, 23, pleaded guilty in San Bernardino police court to a reckless driving charge, He was given a sentence of $25 or five days by Police Judge Donald E. Van Luven. Garner was granted a stay. He was arrested by the V.F.W. post and auxiliary." He was living in San Bernardino in 1950 when his maternal grandfather, George Davis, died.  As reported in the San Bernardino News, page 11, on July 13, 1951: "Cyclist Hurt Seriously in Mt. Vernon Avenue Crash: A San Bernardino motorcyclist was injured seriously at 9:59 Wednesday night when he was thrown to the pavement after his cycle collided with an auto at Seventh street and Mt. Vernon avenue. The cyclist, Orland C. Garner, 25, of 1465 Vine street, received a broken right leg, County hospital attendants said. Traffic officers reported that Garner, traveling north on Mt. Vernon avenue, had stopped for a motorist. When he started his vehicle on the green light, a car operated by Gilbert Sanders, 42, of 1307 Union street, also heading north on Mt. Vernon, collided with the motorcycle, throwing both Garner and the vehicle to the pavement. Garner was removed to County hospital." As reported in the San Bernardino News, page 10, on July 19, 1953: "Jury Trial Ordered For Burglary Suspect: Jury trial for Orland Cecil Garner, charged with burglary. Trial been set by Superior Judge Archie D. Mitchell. Garner, defended by Atty. Ted G. Krumm, entered a plea of not guilty by reason of insanity A medical commission was appointed to examine him before the trial date. He is charged with burglarizing the Monkey's Hideout on Highland Avenue last Dec. 3"
sp (2) EUNICE BYRD LOFTIS (6-15-1897 AK *12-17-1988 Ventura, CA) Married 6-16-1928 Orange, CA. Daughter of James Wood and Bertha Roberts (Miller?). No known issue.
     5-- MARGARET ELOISE GARNER (8-18-1898 TX * 11-?-1985 Sacramento, CA) She is listed at age 30 with her husband at age 27, and their son age 4 in the 1930 Placerville, El Dorado Co., CA census.  She is listed at age 39 with her son age 17 in the 1940 Placerville, El Dorado Co., CA census.
      sp JAMES T. THORNE, II (10-22-1899 NY * 12-?-1978) As reported in The Mountain Democrat, page 18, on April 9, 1934: "Placerville, CA: Mr. and Mrs. Thorne were called to Turlock during the week by the death of Mrs. Thorne's uncle, A.H. Garner." As reported in The Mountain Democrat, page 1, on April 11, 1940: "Mrs. Eloise Thorne has moved to Sacramento to reside so as to be near her son, James"
          6-- JAMES T. THORNE (abt. 1926 CA * )
     5-- MARY FLOYD GARNER (10-21-1899 TX * 3-6-1993 CA) She is listed with her husband and three children in the 1930 Orange, CA census and with her husband and three children in the 1940 Ventura, CA census.
      sp HERBERT E. LOCKE (7-19-1896 CT * 1-29-1985 Ventura, CA) He registered for the WWII draft April 25, 1942 living in San Paula, Ventura Co., CA.
6-- FLOYD E. LOCKE (12-20-1919 CA * 5-4-1973 Dallas, TX)
6-- MILDRED G. LOCKE (abt. 1922 CA * )
6-- DOROTHY M. LOCKE (abt. 1924 CA * )  
            sp (1) ________WARRING ( * )
            sp (2) WILLIAM KING KENNEY (abt. 1921 * )  Married 10-16-1946 Los Angeles, CA.
Sheila Mitchiner, a daughter of Ross Mitchiner and Ressie Garner Mitchiner went to live with her Uncle Willie and his youngest daughters, Margaret and Mary between the time Ressie died in 1918 and Ross remarried in 1919. Mary Locke, who was living in Santa Paula, CA, provided the information around 1984 on the descendants of Willie Victor Garner.
 sp (2) LYDIA S. PHY (4-27-1876 AK * 12-19-1954 San Bernardino, CA) Married 12-11-1927 Congregational Church, Los Angeles, CA. He was 58 and she was 52 There was no issue. She is listed at age 64, a widow, and by herself in the 1940 Highland, San Bernardino Co., census.

4-- AARON HENRY GARNER (1-15-1870 SC * 4-6-1934, age  64, Tuolumne, buried Turlock Cemetery) In 1899 he was in Coalhill, AK. The following article was in the El Paso Herald, June 15, 1911, page 9: "California Bay Interest in Grass Roots Mines. J.C. Pool and A.H. Garner of San Bernardino, Cal. have purchased the one-third interest of A.B. Day in the Price & Day Grass Roots mine, located in the Old Woman mountain near Mulligan, in the Parker region of southern Arizona. --This property created considerable excitement several months ago. The surface is showing most promising indications, and the development work accomplished by Price and Day has exceeded their expectations. --The shaft is down about 60 feet and during the progress of sinking and drillng about $1000 of ore has been shipped to the Needles smelter. Work is to be continued under the management of Scott Price, and shipments are to be continued all the summer." A version of this article was also in The Border Vidette, Nogales, Santa Cruz, AZ, July 15, 1911, page 29. The 1926 obituary of his father states he is living in Oakland as well as the 1928 obituary of his mom. By 1931 he was living in Highland. As reported in the The Modesto Bee and News-Herald, page 18, on April 9, 1934: "TURLOCK, April 9.--Funeral rites will be conducted tomorrow afternoon at 2:30 o'clock at the J. W. Guy Chapel for A. H. Garner, 64, a resident of Tuolumne, who died from injuries suffered from a fall into a mine shaft. Interment will be in Turlock Cemetery. Garner was a native of-South Carolina and had lived in California thirty-one years. He located in Tuolumne twenty months ago. He leaves three brothers: O. F. Gamer, Turlock; W. V. Garner and Frank Garner of Highland, San Bernardino County." His brother, O.F. Garner, made application to the War Department on April 18, 1934 for his headstone to be placed in the Turlock Cemetery. The application states A. Henry Garner served as a private in Co. L., 1st Texas Cav.

4-- ORLAND FREDRICK GARNER (11-14-1872 SC * 2-15-1941, age 69, buried Turlock Memorial Park, Turlock, Stanislaus Co., CA)  In 1911 he was in Douglas, AZ with his brother, Frank. In the 1910 San Bernardino, CA census he is listed with his wife and two children. As reported in the San Bernardino News, page 2, on September 21, 1918: "Mr. and Mrs. Orland Garner have returned to their home in Turlock, having been summoned here by the death of Mr. Garner's sister, the late Mrs. Mitchenor. James Garner, who came in from Douglas, Ariz., will return tomorrow and Mrs. Garner will remain for a mouth's visit with Mr. and Mrs. W. V. Garner." In the 1920 census for Turlock, Stanislaus, CA he is listed with his wife and two chidren. In the 1940 CA census at age 68 he is living in Turlock, Stanislaus, CA with wife and daughter and two grandchildren. He is a real estate broker. As reported in The Modesto Bee and News-Herald, February 28, 1941, page 8: "Rites Are Held For Orland F. Garner of Turlock, Feb. 28. -- Funeral services were conducted today in the J. W. Guy Chapel for Orland F.| Garner, 69, a resident of Turlock since 1915, who died Tuesday night |in his home on Thor Street after an extended illness. Rev. William! B. Richmond, pastor of the First Presbyterian Church, officiated. Private cremation followed in the Park View Cremator.  Garner was the last surviving member of the family of the late Richard E. Garner of Highland, Calif., a cousin of John Nance Garner, former vice president of the United States. He was born in Walhalla, S. C, on November 15, 1871, and in 1893 moved to Sherman, Texas. Three years after his marriage to Ada Stele of Ambia, Texas, in 19??, he moved to Southern California and lived there until locating in Turlock, engaging in the real estate."
      sp ADA ESTELLA STELE (4-4-1882 MS * 5-21-1974 buried Turlock Memorial Park, Turlock, Stanislaus Co., CA ) She married a second time in Merced, CA at age 81 to William S. Simeral, age 83.  
     5-- ORLENA LEE GARNER (11-25-1901 TX * 4-12-1990 Stanislaus, CA) As reported in the San Bernardino News, page 7, on June 19, 1910: "AT THE BAPTIST CHURCH, Program for Children's Day exercises to be held at the Baptist church this evening at 6 o'clock: Piano solo -GraceWyatt. Responsive reading, Psalm 19. Song, "On Children's Day" (Page 3) Prayer Pastor. Greetings Superintendent. Recitation, "Welcome" Maurice Wood Recitation, ''Rejoice This Children's Day" Edna Preston. Recitation, "The Birth of Children's Day" Orlena Garner." In the 1940 CA census at age 38 she and her two children, ages 18 and 16, are living with her parents in Turlock, Stanislaus, CA.
      sp HARRY LELAND HARP (1-30-1898 CA * 8-8-1989 Stanislaus, CA) He is a son of Thomas Jefferson Harp (1857 * 1928) and Elma Elizabeth McCumber (1860 * 1947) In 1920 Harry and Orlena are immigrant passengers to Honolulu, Hawaii on the Matsonia.
         6-- LELAND JEFFERSON HARP (2-2-1922 HI * 7-30-1959 San Mateo, CA, buried Golden Gate National Cemetery, San Bruno, San Mateo Co., CA) He was a Major, US Air Force and a WWII Veteran.
           sp Rita Ann Neumiller Lane. Leland and Rita had a son, James Leland Harp.

         6-- ORLAND CHARLES HARP ("Chuck") (5-3-1923 Stanislaus Co., CA * 10-21-2009 Brewton. AL, buried Fort Barrancas National Cemetery, Pensacola, Escambia Co., FL)  He was a Lt. Cmdr., US Navy and a WWII, Korea and Vietnam Veteran.  
           sp Janet Sowell, dau. of Joseph Arends Sowell, Sr. and Ethel Garvin. Orland and Janet had two children: Orland Charles Harp, Jr. and Stephen Harp. 
(1905 CA * 11-26-1953 buried Turlock Memorial Park, Turlock, Stanislaus Co., CA  )  He is living with his wife in San Francisco in the 1940 CA census and is a chauffeur for a cab company.
      sp ANGELA _______  (1905 WI * )

4-- JAMES RICHARD GARNER (10-23-1875 SC * 4-19-1931, age 55, San Bernardino, CA, buried Mountain View Cemetery) In the 1910 Douglas, Cochise Co. census he is 31 with his trade being an electrician and his occupation being a smelter. His WWI draft registration card dated September 12, 1918 gives his address as Douglas, Cochise, AZ and he works as an electrician at a smelter. He is 42, medium height, slender built with brown eyes and black hair. As reported in the San Bernardino News, page 2, on September 21, 1918: "Mr. and Mrs. Orland Garner have returned to their home in Turlock, having been summoned here by the death of Mr. Garner's sister, the late Mrs. Mitchenor. James Garner, who came in from Douglas, Ariz., will return tomorrow and Mrs. Garner will remain for a mouth's visit with Mr. and Mrs. W. V. Garner." In the 1930 San Bernardino Co. census he his listed with his wife and in his household also his nephew, John R. Mitchiner, age 17. As reported in the San Bernardino News, page 15, on April 19, 1931: "JAMES RICHARD GARNER James Richard Garner, 55 years old, died last night at his home near Mill and Tippecanoe avenue. He came to San Bernardino 12 years ago. He is a native of south Carolina, and has been a cattleman in California for 25 years. Mr. Garner is survived by his widow, Mary E. Garner, and his adopted son, Jack Mitchiner." As reported in the San Bernardino News, page 12, on April 22, 1931: “HIGHLAND. April 21. Many Highland Friends Pay Last Tribute to James R. Garner as Funeral held in San Bernardino yesterday. The Rev. Harold V. Hartshorn, pastor of the Highland Congregational church, conducted the service. The Rev. Mr. Hartshorn paid a fine tribute to the deceased and emphasized the fact that he was a favorite in the large circle of relatives and was greatly esteemed by friends, neighbor and all who came in contact with him. In closing he touched upon the permanence of such a fine reputation and of the influence that lives after such a life. Interment was in Mountain View cemetery. Pallbearers were all intimate friends including F. M. Donald and Hugh McDaniels of San Bernardino, Mr. King and Fred Mathews of Los Angeles, K. Goff and E. F. Ernest of Long Beach. Survived by brothers W. V., A. H., A. J., and Frank Garner, all of Highland, and O. F. Garner, of Turlock besides the grief stricken widow, Mary E. Garner, and an adopted son Jack Mitchiner. Beautiful flowers covered the casket and grave.”
  sp MARY E. EARLEY (10-1-1881 KY* 8-15-1971 San Bernardino, CA) Married 6-25-1913.
They had no children but raised John Ross (Jack) Mitchiner as their son after his mother, Resssie Garner Mitchiner, died in 1818.

4-- JOHN AUGUSTUS GARNER ("Gus") (9-5-1876 SC * 6-4-1932, age 55, Highland, San Bernardino, CA, buried Mountain View Cemetery). The following article ran in newspapers around the country including Cherokee County Democrat (Tahlequah, Okla.), Vol. 29, No. 38, Ed. 1 Thursday, June 3, 1915: New Castle News, New Castle, Pennsylvania, May 27, 1915: The Appeal, St Paul, Minnesoda:  "GOT $40,000 FOR $50. Dead Prospector Leaves Estate to the Man Who Grubstaked Him. San Bernardino, Cal. — A $50 grub stake given to an aged prospector eleven years ago has returned to A. J. Garner, a young livery stable proprietor of Highland, in the form of a $40, 000 estate. Garner at Jerome, Ariz., received a $50 check from his parents. He met W. H. Hawsnyder, a prospector and friend, who told him he was "dead broke." Fifty dollars, he told Garner, would grubstake him for a prospecting trip. Garner immediately handed over his check. He had not seen Hawsnyder since. The other day a stranger inquired where he could find Gus Garner. "That's me," said Garner. "Did you ever know W. H. Hawsnyder?" asked the stranger, who was H. G. Jamison, a New York attorney. "He was my best * friend." replied Gus. "That's right," said Jamison. "He's died and left you his $40,000 estate." Today the grubstate Gus gave his friend would be a little over one thousand dollars while the estate he was given would be about one million dollars. In the 1920 census for San Bernardino, Highland Twp., CA he is 42, a livery stable owner and living in his parents household. As reported in The San Bernardino News, page 11, on June 6, 1932: "AUGUSTUS J. GARNER Funeral services for Augustus John (Gus) Garner, guard at the county prison camp who died Saturday, will be held at 2 p.m. Tuesday at the Mark B. Shaw Co. chapel with burial in Mountain View cemetery. The Rev. H. V. Hartshorn of Highland will officiate. Mr. Garner died suddenly from a heart attack at the camp at Seven Oaks. He is survived by his widow, Mrs. Bessie C. Garner; two chil dren, Richard Edward, 6 years, and Mary Elisabeth, 4; and four brothers, W. V. and Henry, Highland: O. F., Turlock, and Frank, Highland."   In the 1940 census for San Bernardino, Bessie at age 52 is the head of the household consisting of her two children and her mother, Mary E. Degenhart, age 82. Her mother was also in the household in the 1930 census.
 sp BESSIE CHRISTINA DEGENHART (10-13-1887 CA * April 25, 1971 San Bernardino, CA)
She was a school teacher and the librarian at the Highland branch. He was a Constable in Highland. Their children were:
     5-- RICHARD EDWARD GARNER (6-22-1925 San Bernardino, CA * 9-18-2010 Banning, Riverside Co., CA) As reported in The San Bernardino News, page 10, on September 18, 1945: "FONTANA, Sept. 17, Richard E. Garner, only son Mrs. Bessie Garner, has been home for a 10-day visit. He left Thursday for San Francisco, expecting to go overseas. A telegram received by Mrs. Garner since his arrival in the north, indicated that he would be shipped out the first of the week. Ensign Garner was in the (Navy) V-12  program in the University of Redlands. He was commissioned at the midshipman's school in Chicago. Mrs. Garner went to Chicago for her son's graduation." As reported in The San Bernardino News, page 16, on November 2, 1952: "Mrs. Richard E. Garner of 3524 Stoddard St., San Bernardino, are the parents of a baby daughter who was born at St. Bernardine's Hospital Wednesday Oct. 29. The baby girl has been named Kori Lee. The grandparents are Mrs. Bessie Garner of Highland and Mr. and Mrs. Willhide of Laguna, formerly of San Bernardino and Muscoy."
      sp JEANICE ROBERTA WILLHIDE (1-20-1923 CA * ) Married: 8-6-1949 Congregational Church, Laguna, CA. Her parents are Foster Clarence Willhide and Liela H. Shepherd of Laguna.
She was engaged in social work in San Bernardino Co. at the time of their marriage.
          6-- KORI LEE GARNER ( * )
     5-- MARY ELIZABETH GARNER (5-3-1928 CA * ) She is listed in the 1930 Highland, San Bernardino Co., census with her parents and brother and the 1940 census with her parents.  She was a school teacher.
Dick Mitchiner, a son of Ross Mitchiner and Ressie Garner Mitchiner went to live with his Uncle Gus between the time Ressie died in 1918 and Ross remarried in 1919.

4-- FRANKLIN GARNER ("Frank") (4-27-1878 SC * 3-7-1938, age 59, Highland, San Bernardino Co., CA, buried Mountain View Cemetery) In 1911 he was in Douglas, AZ with his brother, Orland. In the 1920 census for San Bernardino, Highland Twp., CA at the age of 40, a truck driver and living in his parents household with his brother, Gus. He is also listed as an inmate in that census. In the 1930s he was living in Highland during the time when three of his brothers, Gus, James and Aaron, passed away. As reported in the San Bernardino News, page 11, on August 29, 1934: "A prominent club manager was shot and critically wounded and a San Bernardino woman and a Highland man are being held in Riverside county jail as the aftermath of an altercation which occurred at Tahqtiitz (?) Flats on the Banning-Idyllwild road late Monday night. Mrs. Leora Lyons, 35 years old, of San Bernardino and Frank Garner of Highland are being quizzed by Riverside authorities on the shooting of Harry Goetz, manager of the San Jacinto club, prominent recreation center 15 miles south of Banning in the San Jacinto mountains. W. W. Nichols is being held as a material witness. Goetz suffered a wound in his body suffered while he and Garner are said to have been fighting over possession of a pistol. According to Constable Joe Touchain, Goetz attempted to prevent Garner and Mrs. Lyons from driving over a private road. Garner jumped from his machine and Goetz attacked him, he told officers. He fired the shot in self defense, Garner said. Nichols went to Goetz's aid but Garner fled. Early yesterday, Garner and the woman were arrested by officers. Garner's blood-stained coat is said to have been found hidden under a mattress in a cabin owned by Warner Baxter, screen star, of which Garner was caretaker. Goetz was rushed to a Banning hospital by his wife and later removed to a Los Angeles hospital. Mrs. Lyons is said to be a divorcee and has two children. As reported in the  San Bernardino News, page 11, on October 7, 1934: "Frank Garner of Highland will face a Riverside superior court trial on charges of shooting and critically wounding Harry Goetz, manager of a club near Idyllwild in the San Jacinto mountains, Aug. 27. Garner was bound over to superior court at his preliminary hearing in Riverside justice court yesterday. He is charged with assault with a deadly weapon. Goetz was shot through the eye with a revolver assertedly in the hands of Garner. Allan M. Gray who was with Goetz when he was shot and who assertedly disarmed Garner, and Constable Joseph Toutain, who arrested Garner after he is said to have escaped and fled into the hills rear the Goetz club estates, were witnesses at the preliminary hearing. Goetz and Gray said they were sitting in a lodge at the club properties when they heard a car drive up the road. They went out and stopped it and notified the driver, Garner, that the road was a private thoroughfare and that he could not trespass. He replied, they said, that he didn't see any sign to that effect and they started to walk back to a gate where Goetz and Gray said a no-trespassing sign was posted, when Gainer assertedly struck Goetz over the head with a gun. Goetz testified he grappled with Garner for the gun and it was discharged, the bullet entering Goctz's eye and emerging through the temple. Gray said he wrested the gun from Garner and pinned him on the ground for a short period until another car drove up. Fearing the car carried friends of Garner, Gray said he ran to overtake it, finding however, that it contained relatives of Goetz. In the meantime Garner had fled and barricaded himself in a house nearby, it was testified. Constable Joe Toutain of Banning and deputy sheriffs were unsuccessful in driving him from the house and under the cover of darkness Garner left the house and hid in the rocks, according to the constable's testimony. Toutain then tracked Garner and captured him in his hiding place. That Garner will claim self-defense was indicated by questions by his attorneys put to Goetz and Gray." As reported in the San Bernardino News, page 12, on February 2, 1935: "Early last evening the community fire bell summoned aid when the Frank Garner house, corner of East Pacific avenue and Center street, was discovered with flames bursting through the roof." As reported in the San Bernardino News, page 7, on March 9 1938: "The body of Frank Garner, member of a pioneer San Bernardino family, who apparently committed suicide late Monday, was about 55 years old. No notes were found. A brother, in San Bernardino. W. V. Garner of Highland, told Corner Williams that Garner had been despondent for several months. Another brother, Orland Garner of Turlock, survives." The following notice was in the San Bernardino County Sun, page 23,  March 10, 1938: "GARNER in Highland, California, March 7, 1938, Frank Garner, 59, native of Walhalla, South Carolina, resident of California 30 years and Highland 25 years. Funeral arrangements pending with Mark B. Shaw Co." And  "FRANK GARNER Frank Garner, well known resident of Highland, died Monday at his home. He was 59 years old, a native of Walhalla, S. C, had resided in Highland 25 years and in California 30 years. Surviving is a brother, W. V. Garner, also of Highland. Funeral services will be conducted Friday at 2 p. m. from the Mark B. Shaw Memorial chapel. Interment will be in Mountain View cemetery. As reported in the San Bernardino News, page 11, on June 27, 1938: "In the Matter of the Estate of FRANK GARNER, Deceased. NOTICE is hereby given that W. V. GARNER, as administrator of the estate of FRANK GARNER, deceased has filed with the clerk of the above entitled Court a Petition for an Order authorizing and directing said administrator to convey certain real property to MARY AMMONS."

4-- RESSIE MATILDA GARNER (9-4-1882 Walhalla, SC * 9-15-1918, age 36, Highland, CA, buried Mountain View Cemetery) As reported in the Walhalla News, October 16, 1918: "Her Home In California - Was Known to Many Here: The following dispatch containing the announcement of the death of a former Walhalla girl was taken from a California paper. -- HIGHLAND, Cal., Sept. 16., Mrs. R. C. Mitchenor passed away yesterday afternoon at 3 o’clock at the Redlands Hospital and relatives and friends were shocked as the news spread over the community during the month of July she was stricken with appendicitis and was taken to the hospital where she battled bravely for her life. For days little encouragement was given to her family, but gradually the thread of life grew stronger, and after a month’s stay she was brought home, and there was rejoicing in the little community, where she was known and loved.-- She grew stronger each day, and was happy in being around her home and each day visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Garner, of East Pacific avenue. Yesterday morning she was taken to the hospital again, and shortly after noon a baby son was born, who never opened his eyes upon the world. Her dear ones were summoned in the early afternoon, but she slipped over the brink ere they reached here bedside, and the devoted wife and mother was gathered to the Great Physician. -- Ressie Matilda Garner was born in Walhalla, S. C. September 4, 1882. Her parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Garner, moved to Texas when she was between eight and nine years old, and there she grew up and was educated. She was married in Sherman, Texas, March 29, 1908, to Ross C. Mitchenor . She and her husband made a trip to California after her parents moved here, nearly ten years ago, and soon after returning to the Lone Star State the lure of California called them back, and for about eight years they have made their home here. -- Acquaintances soon ripened into friends, and the sorrow of her family will be shared by many. Mr. and Mrs. Mitchenor early affiliated themselves with the local Congregational church, and were both members of the splendid E. V. Q. class of that Sunday school. She possessed a beautiful Christian character, and a disposition of rare sweetness, so that her early death is like the closing of a flower, which will bloom hereafter. She was the youngest child of Mr. and Mrs. Garner, who are the parents of eight sons, six of whom are living. Besides her husband parents she leaves four children, namely, Thomas Richard, Emma Louise, John Ross and Margaret Eloise. -- (The deceased was well known in Walhalla, where she lived with her parents. She was a close relative of Mrs. J. J. Thode, and there are hosts of friends of the family in this section who will regret exceedingly to learn of her death.)"
      sp ROSS CLARENCE MITCHINER (7-10-1880 Greenville, Hunt Co., TX * 4-11-1944, age 63, Highland, San Bernardino Co., CA, buried Mountain View Cemetery), Married: 3-29-1908 Sherman, Grayson Co., TX.
Ressie and her husband are buried at Mountain View Cemetery in Highland, CA. Ross was a school teacher in Grayson Co., TX, but managed and bought orange groves in CA. They had four children. After Ressie died her husband married on June 26, 1919 in El Paso, TX Iva Allmon (12-16-1886 * 5-29-1955). He was 38 and Iva was 32. Iva had also been a school teacher in Grayson Co., TX. They had no issue. Iva is the daughter of Thomas Benton Allmon (1854 MO * 1914 Grayson Co., TX  and Amanda L. Reaves (1862 MO * 1937) who married in Webster Co. MO on  September 21, 1882. With his second wife, Ross started attending the Methodist Church. Iva taught school in Highland.  As reported in  The San Bernardino County Sun April 13, 1944, page 14 and page 17: "Ross C. Mitchiner, Well Known Highland Man, Dies Suddenly (Special Staff Correspondence) HIGHLAND, April 12 Ross C. Mitchiner, well known citizen and citrus grower passed away suddenly at 7:10 p.m. Tuesday, leaving family and friends shocked. Death was due to a heart attack. Mrs. Mitchiner and son. Jack, were with him when he died. Mr. Mitchiner was born in Greenville, Texas, July 10, 1880. He had lived in the Highland District for the past 32 years. The present home is on Pumalo street, West Highlands. He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Iva Mitchiner, four children, Mrs. R. J. Stombrys, Mrs. E. H. Franz and T. Mitchiner, all of Los Angeles, and J. R. Mitchiner of San Bernardino. He also leaves three grandchildren. RITES PLANNED Funeral services will be held on Friday afternoon at 2 o'clock at the Stephens & Bobbitt chapel. Interment will be in Mountain View cemetery. Mr. Mitchiner enjoyed a recent visit to his old home in Texas, he and Mrs. Mitchiner having gone to Sherman, Texas, called by the illness of her brother. From there Mr. Mitchiner went to his native town, Greenville, where he spent his boyhood. He returned to California in a couple of weeks, but Mrs. Mitchiner only arrived home last Thursday, leaving her brother much improved."  As reported in  The San Bernardino County Sun May 19, 1944, page 17 and May 26, 1944, page 13: "NOTICE TO CREDITORS No. 15630 In the Matter of the Estate of Ross Clarence Mitchinor. also known at Ross Clarence Mitchiner, Deceased. NOTICE is hereby given by the undersigned Iva A. Mitchiner, as the administratrix of the estate of Ross Clarence Mitchinor, also known al Ross Clarence Mitchiner, deceased, to the creditors of and all person having claims against the said deceased, to present them, with the necessary vouchers, within six months after the first publication of this notice, to said administratrix at the office of W. H. Weddell, attorney for administratrix, 374 Court Street, room 6, San Bernardino, California, which said office the undersigned selects as a place of business in all matters connected with said estate, or to file them with the necessary vouchers, within six months after the first publication of this notice, in the office of the Clerk of the Superior Court of the State of California, in and for the County of San Bernardino." Iva remarried after Ross died to Judd Farrell. Iva had one brother, Thomas Wiley Allmon and one sister, Mary C. Allmon. Her sister never married and came to live with her in Pasadena, CA after their father died.

 5-- THOMAS RICHARD MITCHINER ("Dick") (1-23-1909 Southmayd, Grayson Co., TX * 3-29-1984, age 75, Downey, CA, buried Rose Hills Cemetery, Whittier CA.)
      sp HELEN ISABELL SILVEY ( * ), Married: 2-13-1943 Los Angeles, CA)

Dick was nine years old when his mother died. He lived with his father and stepmother after his father remarried. He went to work as a telegraph operator for the railroad after high school before working for AT&T. As reported in  The San Bernardino County Sun
December 17, 1948, page 18: "Mrs. Iva Mitchiner spent last week end in Los Angeles as guest of Mr. and Mrs. T. R. Mitchiner, going down for a triple birthday celebration, observing the anniversaries of Mrs. Mitchiner and the two children of the hosts, Carol and Tommy Mitchiner. An afternoon party was held from 2 to 4 o'clock with relatives and friends present. A seven o'clock family dinner was enjoyed, covers being laid for Mrs. Mitchiner, Mrs. E. H. Franz and children,  Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Stombrys, daughter, Diana of Los Angeles, and the T. R. Mitchiner family." Dick retired in 1974 after 43 years of service with AT&T in Los Angeles, CA. Their children:
          6-- THOMAS WILLIAM MITCHINER ( * )
As reported in  The San Bernardino County Sun December 20, 1946, page 22: "WELCOME SON: A son was born Tuesday at the Los Angeles Good Samaritan hospital to Mr. and Mrs. T. R. (Dick) Mitchiner. The baby weighed 6 pounds and 14 ounces, named Thomas William for his great grandfather, Thomas William Mitchiner. Thomas is also the first name of his father. The baby has a two-year-old sister, Carol Ann. Grandparents are Mrs. R. C. Mitchiner and Mr. and Mrs. Silva (Silvey) and a great grandfather Silvas living in Missouri."
5-- EMMA SHEILA MITCHINER ("Sheila"): (7-10-1911 Wood Lake, TX * 3-2-2009 Carson, CA) Birth name was Emma Louise.
      sp RALPH STOMBRYS (1909 Cleveland, OH * Los Angeles, CA 1976), Married: 5-30-1941 Reno, NV.
As reported in  The San Bernardino County Sun December 20, 1946, page 22: "HIGHLAND, June 3. A wedding of interest to Highland residents was solemnized last Friday in Reno, Nev., when Miss Emma Sheila Mitchiner and Ralph J. Strombrys, both of Los Angeles, were united in marriage by the Rev. M. Case, pastor of the Federated church of Reno. Miss Mitchiner is the elder daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Mitchiner of Highland and she grew up In this community. The announcement will be of equal Interest in Colton which was the boyhood home of Mr. Stombrys. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Stombrys of Colton. The couple was accompanied to Reno by Mrs. R. C. Mitchiner, who motored north leaving Los Angeles Thursday evening accompanied by the bride-elect, Miss Mitchiner, and the latter's brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Franz of Los Angeles. Mr. Mitchiner was unable to accompany his wife and daughters. The bridegroom-elect is serving his year In the U. S. army at Camp Ord, King City. He joined the motorists there and they continued to Reno for the ceremony at 8:30. The wedding was solemnized in the church chapel with the church organist furnishing the music. The Rev. Mr. Case officiated with the single ring service. The bride wore a dress of royal blue crepe in spectator sport style, a white halo hat with navy trim, blue purse and white accessories. For jewelry she wore a strand of pearls, a Christmas gift from the bridegroom and for tradition and good luck a bluebird pin that Mrs. Mitchiner wore for her wedding and which has been worn by several brides since. The bride's corsage was of gorgeous red rosebuds, the favorite flower of the bridegroom. Mrs. Mitchiner gave her daughter in marriage wearing beige silk crepe, in sport style, with beige and brown hat and accessories. Mrs. E. H. Franz attended her sister as matron of honor and Mr. Franz was best man. Mrs. Franz wore a smart black tailored suit with black hat, white blouse and gloves and patent leather accessories. Mrs. Mitchiner and Mrs. Franz wore yellow rosebud corsages. Immediately following the ceremony a wedding dinner was enjoyed at the Riverside hotel, Mrs. Mitchiner being the hostess. Here the bride cut and served her wedding cake. Leaving Reno, the party motored back via Lake Tahoe where they stopped for a short time, having gone to the Nevada city by another route through Truckee, thus affording ample opportunity for sightseeing. They came on down through Sacramento, making numerous sightseeing stops, all combining to make a delightful trip. Mr. Stombrys left the party at his camp, now being on maneuvers out of Camp Ord. He has served four months of his year of conscription after which he will return to his position with the telephone company, in Los Angeles, from which he is on leave and he and his wife will establish a home in the city. Mrs. Stombrys attended the Highland school, was graduated from San Bernardino High school and from a secretarial school in Los Angeles. She has held a responsible position for several years as bookkeeper for a dress factory and she will continue her position for the present. Mrs. Mitchiner returned to Highland yesterday. The friendship which ripened into romance was one of long standing."
Ralph retired from AT&T and was best friends with his brother-in-law, Dick, that introduced him to Sheila. After Sheila was born her parents moved from TX to Highland, CA where the Garners had settled. Sheila was seven years old when her mother died. She lived with her father and stepmother after her father remarried. Their child:
          6-- DIANA STOMBRYS ( * ) The following was reported in The San Bernardino County Sun September 21, 1943: "T. R. (Dick) Mitchiner and sister, Mrs. R. J. Stombrys, (Emma Mitchner) and little daughter, Diana Jane of Los Angeles, were guests from Thursday to Sunday of their parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Mitchiner. On Saturday afternoon from 5 to 6 o'clock, Mrs. Mitchinar entertained in honor of the first birthday of the little granddaughter Diana Jane. Following the greetings to the baby honored the hostess served ice cream, cake and iced beverage. The beautiful birthday cake was iced in chocolate and topped with one pink candle. Diana received many lovely gifts. THOSE PRESENT Friends greeting Mrs. Mitchiner, Mrs. Strombrys and Diana included the following children, Betty Lou Heap, Jerry Clough, Merry Lou Moor, Larry and Jimmie Mitchiner, Judith and Nancy Wilmuth, all of San Bernardino, and Susan Kay Thomson of Highland. Sharing the party were the following adults. Mrs. M. W. Moor, Mrs. J. R. Mitchiner and Mrs. Gail Willmuth of San Bernardino, Mrs. William Lytle and Mrs. E. R. Heiberg of Redlands, Mrs. Ella M. Kelly, Mrs. Haskell Thom."
     5-- JOHN ROSS MITCHINER ("Jack") (3-8-1914 Highland, CA * 10-2-1991 San Bernardino, CA)
      sp HELEN MARGARET MILLER ("Margie") (10-31-1916 * 11-29-2004 LaVerne, CA), Married: 9-?-1934.

After his mother died in 1918 when he was 4 years old, he was raised by his Uncle James Richard Garner and his Aunt Mary who had no children of their own. Jack retired from the San Bernardino Fire Department. Their children:
          6-- LARRY ROSS MITCHINER ( * )
5-- MARGARET ELOISE MITCHINER ("Margie") (8-27-1916 Highland, CA * 5-18-2003 Pasadena, CA)
       sp EDGAR H. FRANZ ("Ed") (9-1-1912 WI * 5-5-1990 CA), Married: 3-22-1937, at parents "ranch" West Highland, CA.

Ed owned and operated a handcrafted furniture business. Margie's grandparents, Richard Edward and Frances Louisa (Boggs) Garner raised her after her mother died in 1918 when she was two years old. Her grandfather died in 1926 so after her grandmother died in 1928, at the age of twelve, she went to live with her father and stepmother, Iva, and brother, Dick, and sister, Sheila. Her marriage was reported in The San Bernardino County Sun March 26, 1937, page 18: "Lovely Garden Wedding at the Mitchiner Home: Interesting a wide circle of relatives and friends of principals and their families, a marriage was celebrated in a California garden setting on Sunday afternoon at four o'clock at the ranch home of Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Mitchiner at Orange and Pomelo avenue, Highland. Their daughter, Margaret Eloise Mitchiner being the lovely bride and Edgar H. Franz the groom, son of Mr. and Mrs. George V. Franz of Los Angeles. The bride is a native daughter of Highland and much sentiment was connected with the plans she made for her marriage. The minister  who read the ceremony, Dr. Frank E Dell, baptized the bride in youthful day when he was pastor of the Highland Congregational church, now pastor at Farmington(sp). The marriage vows were also sealed with the golden wedding circle which had been worn by the bride's grandmother sixty-five the engagement ring for the bride, the engagement ring for the bride. With a background of the glossy foliage of the orange grove and flowering peach, the ceremony bower was completed with potted Easter lilies on either side, with white carpet aisle in the foreground. The bride was escorted and given into the groom's keeping by her father, and attended by her sister, Emma Louise Mitchiner and an intimate friend of high school days in San Bernardino and later association in Los Angeles, Miss Lucille Onion. Little Faye Stone of Fontana was the flower girl and Philip Henry of Fontana was the ring bearer. The bride's brother, Richard Mitchiner, was best man. The groom with minister and best man came from the sun porch to the bridal bower, and the bride and party from the side entrance. Mrs. Lois Eates sang before the ceremony "At Dawning" and "Oh Promise Me" accompanied by Kelson Johnston. The bride's procession was very lovely.  Miss Emma Louise Mitchiner wore Tapestry blue marquisette with flowers in her hair, and carried a Colonial nosegay of spring flowers in soft coloring. Miss Onion wore pink marquisette fashioned like Miss Mitchiner's with flowers In her hair, and the same design in her bouquet, the two being most effectively paired. Little blonde Faye wore white with pink and blue bands encircling the hair in harmony with the bridesmaids' frocks. Her flower basket held rose petals and sweet peas. Philip, the proud ring bearer, was elegant in a black satin suit with white satin blouse. The bride advanced a charming picture in white marquisette over satin, princess lines, with train from the shoulder, over which fell the tulle veil framing the hair and face in a coronet effect of orange blossoms. Her flowers carried in a shower were Johanna Hill roses and lilies-of-the-valley. She wore for sentiment of jewelry, a handsome brooch of pink cameo, her mother's, and over her engagement ring was placed the wedding ring worn by her grandmother through many happy years of married life. Mrs. Mitchiner, mother of the bride, wore Poudre blue crepe with dark blue accessories and corsage of Souvenior roses and dark blue delphinium. Mrs. Franz, mother of the groom wore an ensemble In gray print with gardenia corsage. An informal reception indoors followed the ceremony, the bridal pair receiving good wishes, the bride cutting her special cake. Wedding bells were molded in the ice cream and served with cake and punch to the company of sixty relatives and friends present. The beautiful cake and white candles decorated the table. Mrs. Vera Onion Hardy sang "I .Love You Truly" and "Beau (sp)."  The following was reported in The San Bernardino County Sun August 26, 1951, page 13: "VISIT IN PASADENA Mrs. Iva A. Mitchiner, 151 North Palm avenue, spent the day with her daughter, Mrs. E. H. Franz and children, Charles and Marilyn of Pasadena. Mrs. Mitchiner's houseguests, a niece, Mrs. R. Hall and daughters, had departed earlier in the week for their home in Needles." Margie retired from Sears and did volunteer work for the gardens at Huntington Library. Their children:
          6-- CHARLES MICHAEL FRANZ ( * )

Information from the Richard Edward Garner Family Bible

The Bible is in the possession of a great grandchild, Thomas William Mitchiner. Until they died at the ages of 86 and 88, Richard and Frances raised their youngest granddaughter, Margaret (Marge), by their daughter Ressie. According to Marge, Richard read his Bible daily. Their granddaughter, Marge, gave the Bible to her nephew, Thomas William Mitchiner.

In the Bible there was one envelop with two Bible questions to Mrs. R.E. Garner in Sherman, Texas with a postmark May 24, 1899 from Coalhill, Arkansas. These two questions were signed A.H. (Aaron Henry) Garner. With the Bible there was also a second envelop with two more Bible questions to Mrs. R.E. Garner in Highland, California with a postmark January 25, 1911 from Douglas, Arizonia. One question was signed Orlir (Orland) Garner. The other question was signed Frank (Franklin) Garner. In the Bible there were three ribbons. Printed on the white one was Bob Stone Camp, Texas, No. 93. U.C.V. This camp of United Confederate Veterans met at Nacona, Montague Co., Texas along the Oklahoma - Texas border, not far west of where they resided in Grayson Co., Texas.

1. Names in order written on the front page of the Bible.

    Aaron Boggs and the six sons and one daughter of Richard Edward Garner and Frances Louisa (Boggs) Garner.

    AARON BOGGS, born May 22, 1792. (Other information gives his birth date as February 22, 1790 in Anderson Co.)

2. Two names in the order each written on next to the last page in the Bible.

    AARON BOGGS, died August 10, 1874. (Other information gives his date of death as august 1876 in Salubrity, Pickens Co., SC and buried in the Mt Zion UMC Cemetery, Pickens Co,, SC)

    MARGARET JANE BOGGS, died October 1870. (Apparently sister of Frances Louisa (Boggs) Garner. If so she was still alive and at age 17 listed in the home of her father, Aaron Boggs Jr., for the 1870 Federal Census for Pickens Co., SC.)

Written upside down on next to the last page in the Bible:

    R. E. GARNER

    Book, 1865

    W. D. BIRD (Unknown person)

3. Name on second blank page of Bible’s last printed page written upside down: JULIA H. GLENN (Unknown person)

4. Only name on the last page of the Bible.

    SAMUEL HENRY FLOID GARNER, died September 1870. (Perhaps brother or father or son or nephew of Richard Edward Garner.)

    The 1870 SC census for Pickens Co. shows Samuel Garner age 16 born in GA with Richard Garner family.


Richard Edward Garner Census Records

1850 Cherokee Co., Division 15, Georgia
Garner, Henry, 31, m, Blacksmith, SC (Father of Richard E. M. Garner)
     Mahale L., 33, f, GA
    Malinda, 12, f, GA
    Marietta J., 10, f, GA
    Richard M.., 8, m. GA
    John D., 6, m, GA
    Ann L., 4, f, GA
    William A., 1, m, GA
1860 Cherokee Co., Waleska Township, Georgia
Matilda (Nancy) Garner, 35, f w, Farmer, SC (Married William P. Garner, deceased uncle of Richard E.M. Garner. She is listed with her children in 1880 census. Married Thomas Self by 1880 census.)
    Louisa, 15, f w, GA
    Martha S., 14, f w, GA
    Aaron M., 11, m w, GA
    Nancy M., 9, f w, GA
    Mary E., 8, f w, GA
    Joseph B., 6, m w, GA
    William P., 6, m w, GA
    Henry M., 4, m w, GA
    Richard E. 18, m w, Laborer GA
1870 Pickens Co., Five Mile PO, Garvin Township, South Carolina
Garner Richard, 29, m w, Miller, GA (Since his family is living close to his father-in-law, Aaron Boggs, Jr, Richard may be working as a miller for him.)
    Francis, 30, f w, Housekeeper, SC
    William, 2, m w, SC
    Richard, 6/12, m w, SC
    Samuel, 16, m w, Farm Laborer, GA (Born 1854, Is this farm laborer Samuel Henry Floid Garner who died 1870? Where were his parents born?)
1880 Oconee Co., Walhalla, Wagner Township, page 306d, South Carolina (Oconee Co. was formed in 1868 from Pickens Co.)
Richard E. Garner, Self, M Male W 39 SC Farmer SC SC
    Francis L. Garner, Wife, M Female 39 SC Keeping House SC SC
    William V., Son, S Male 12 SC Works on Farm SC SC
    Henry, Son, S Male 10 SC Works on Farm SC SC
    Orland F., Son, S Male 8 SC - SC - SC
    James R., Son, S Male 6 SC - SC - SC
    Augustus J., Son, S Male 4 SC - SC - SC
    Franklin, Son, S Male 3 SC - SC - SC
1900 Grayson Co., Texas (Not found sons Aaron Henry, age 30, and James Richard, age 26)
Richard Garner, head, 58, Aug. 1841 GA
    Francis, wife, 60, May 1840 SC
    Orland, son, 27, Nov 1872 SC
    Augustus, son, 23, Sept. 1876 SC
    Frank, son, 19, April 1881 SC
    Rosco (Ressie), daughter, 16, Sept 1883 SC (married Ross Clarence Mitchiner)
Also in Grayson Co., TX is:
William Garner, head, 32, Mar 1868 SC
    Eula, wife, 31, Oct 1868 SC
    James, son, 9, Sept 1890 SC
    Fridrick, son, 5, Mar 1895 TX
    Eloise, daughter, 2, Aug 1897 TX
    Mary, daughter, 1, Oct 1898 TX
1910 San Bernardino Co., Highland Township, California (Not found sons Aaron Henry, age 40, James Richard, age 36, and daughter Ressie, age 26, with husband Ross Mitchiner)
Garner, Richard E., head, m w 68, married 45 years, GA - GA - GA, Farm Laborer.
    Francis L., wife, f w 68, married 45 years, 7 of 9 children living, SC - SC - SC.
    John A., son, m w 27, single, SC-GA-SC, Farm Laborer.
    Frank, son, m w 25, single, SC-GA-SC, Farm Laborer.
Also in San Bernardino Co., CA is:
Garner, William V., head, m w 39, married 19 years, SC - GA - SC, Teamster, fruit
    Eula F., wife, f w 30, married 19 years, 4 of 6 children living, SC - SC - SC
    Jay R. (James Richard), son, m w 18, single, SC - SC - SC
    Fredrick O., son, m w 14, single, TX - SC - SC
    Maggie E. (Margaret Eloise), daughter, f w 12, single, TX - SC - SC
    Mary F., daughter, f w 10, single, TX - SC - SC
Garner, Orland F., head, m w 38, married 9 years, SC - GA - SC, rents dairy farm with William Parsons
    Ada E., wife, f w 29, married 9 years, 2 of 2 children living, Miss - Miss - Miss
    Orlena L., daughter, f w 8, single, TX - SC - Miss
    Orlando, son m w 5, single, CA - SC - Miss   
1920 San Bernardino Co., Highland Township, California (Not found sons William V., age 52, Aaron Henry, age 50, and James Richard, age 46)
Garner, Richard E., head, m w 79, married, GA - SC - GA, Shoemaker. (Shop is in the Livery Stable.)
    Francis L., wife, f w 79, married, SC - SC - SC none.
    Augustus J.,son, m w 42, single, SC - GA - SC Livery Stable. (Owner)
    Frank, son, m w 40, widow, SC - GA - SC Truck Driver for County.  (Also listed as inmate - convicted for counterfiting)
Also in San Bernardino Co., CA is:
Mitchiner, Ross C., head m w 39 married, TX - GA - AL, Fruit Farmer.
    Iva A., wife, f w 32 married, TX - MO - MO, Public School Teacher. (Second wife.)
    Dick T., son, m w 10, single, TX - TX - SC
    Emma L., daughter, f w 8, single, TX - TX - SC 
In Stainslaus Co., Turlock Township, CA is:
Garner, Orland F., head, m w 48 married, SC GA SC., Real Estate Agent
    Ada E., wife, f w 38, married, MS - MS - MS  
    Orlene, daughter, f w 18, single, TX - SC - MS
    Orlando, daughter, m w 15, single, CA - SC - MS
1930 San Bernardino Co., Highland Township, California (Not found Aaron Henry, age 60)
Garner, William V.
, head, m w 61, SC - GA - SC
    Lydia P., wife, f w 54, AK - AK - TN
Garner, Augustus J.
, head m w 52 married, SC
    Bessie C., wife, f w 42 married, CA
    Richard E., son, m w 5, single, CA
    Mary E., daughter, f w 1, single, CA
    Mary E. Deidenhart, f w 70 single, OH
Mitchiner, Ross C
, head m w 49 married, TX
    Iva A., wife, f w 43 married, MO
    Dick T., son, m w 21, single, TX
    Emma E., daughter, f w 18, single, TX
    Margie, daughter, f w 13, single, CA
In Stainslaus Co., Turlock Township, CA is:
Garner, Orland F., head, m w 58 married, SC
    Ada E., wife, f w 49, married, MS
    Orlene Harp, daughter, f w 28, single, TX
    Leland Harp, g-son, m w 8, single, HI
    Orland, Harp, g-dau., f w 6, single, CA

1940 San Bernardino Co., Highland Township, California  (All brothers but Orland deceased)
In Stainslaus Co., Turlock Township, CA is:
Garner, Orland F., head, m w 68 married, SC, Real Estate Broker
    Ada E., wife, f w 59, married, MS
    Orlene Harp, daughter, f w 38, single, TX
    Leland Harp, g-son, m w 18, single, HI
    Orland Harp, g-son, m w 16, single, HI

Garner information copyright July 2005 by Thomas W. Mitchiner, Greenville, NC. These documents may be freely used for private purposes, and included in your own genealogy. However, this document is copyrighted as stated above and may not be sold, nor given to anyone, who may attempt to derive profit from same. Any verifiable information to substantiate changes or additions is welcomed by the author.

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