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(Created October 8, 2001 by Thomas W. Mitchiner and updated on October 13, 2005)


1793 Screven Co., GA created from Burke and Effingham Counties. Records start 1806. Note that most of the lands are near border of Screven Co. and Burke Co.

1806 CHARLOTTE OLIVER Land warrent of 500 acres, Mar. 3rd, Screven Co., GA. WILLIAM B. MITCHINER married CHARLOTTE OLIVER, a daughter of JAMES OLIVER and PRICILLA WILLIAMS. She had a sister named DORTHY. Apparently their three daughters, NANCY, DORTHY, and CHARLOTTE, were each given approximately 500 acres of adjoining land. From the will of JAMES OLIVER in 1826, WILLIAM B. MITCHINER and his wife CHARLOTTE received an additional 500 acres in the estate settlement. (Note: WILLIAM B. MITCHINER sold the 500 acres of land in Screven granted CHARLOTTE OLIVER on Dec. 4, 1843 to RANSOM ROGERS and also had another 500 acres in Screven Co. when he died.)

1808 JOHN MITCHNER Headrights grant, Apr. 4th, of 300 acres. (Note: 200 acres were given for every free white person and 50 acres for every other white person of said family and 50 acres for each negro up to 10 negroes.) Adjoining his land are those laid out to JOHN ENNIS and land joined to JOHN STANDELAND and JAMES MOORE. It is unknown if he owed and was living on this land when he died in 1814. There is no record of him or his wife Luvicy, or his stepson, William H. Best, selling 300 acres. (Note that he already had land that these 300 acres would be adjoining! His land perhaps belonged to Luvicy that she may have acquired through her previous spouse and father of William H. Best.) This headright grant was contested in CHARLES FLOYD vs. JOHN MITCHINER, 3 January 1809. It was filed with the Georgia Surveyor General Department. Lawsuits filed to stop the issuing of land grants that might infringe upon previous issued grants were called "Headright Caveats". The lawsuit might provide the location of the land involved and the verdict.

1809 JNO. MITCHNER Land grant, Apr. 10th, consisting of 129 acres, Screven Co., GA. Land bounded SE by THOMAS’S, NW by ENNIS and WARD, and SW by MILLER’S and NE by B. GREEN’S land. It is unknown if he owed and was living on this land when he died. There is no record of him, his wife Luvicy, or his son selling 129 acres.

1809 JOHN MITCHINER Will written, Oct. 6th. Gives his plantation where he lives to his wife, but no land description. Will recorded Dec. 12, 1814. JOHN M. WADE testified he saw JOSEPH BUTLER and JAMES NESSMITH sign as witnesses. Executors were LUVISEA MITCHINER and JOHN BEST.

1815 LUVICY MITCHINER Will written, May 1st. Her land adjoins WILLIAM MCQUEENS. Her son, WILLIAM H. BEST, is to get one half of the property and the other to husband but unclear if she is married since a husband is not named. If WILLIAM inherited all the land of JOHN MITCHINER he inherited 429 aces. Will recorded Aug. 24, 1815. WILLIAM H. WADE testified he saw MARY WADE and J. W. WADE sign as witnesses.

1815 WILLIAM H. BEST Head Right grants 400 acres in Oct. and 600 acres in Nov.

1815 WILLIAM H. BEST Land surveyed, Dec. 11th, 396 acres, Screven Co., GA. (Probably same as the 400 acre Head Right grant.)

1819 WILLIAM B. MITCHINER Sold, Mar. 20th, with wife, CHARLOTTE MITCHINER, 146 acres in Screven Co. for $700 to JOHN H. SMITH. Recorded May 17, 1822. The land was part of a grant to JAMES NESSMITH bounded NE by the Savannah River, NW by JOHN M. WADE, and SW and S by said JOHN H. SMITH. Witnesses were TARLTON B. BEST and JOHN B. BEST. (Note: Since CHARLOTTE signed the sale, this would probably her property but no record when she or her husband received 146 acres.)

1820 WILLIAM B. MITCHINER Land grants, 396 and 600 acres, Screven Co., GA. (See 1815 Head Right grants.)

1822 WILLIAM B. MITCHINER Witness land sale by JAMES OLIVER. (Recorded Aug. 6, 1822 - copy incomplete and hard to read) JAMES OLIVER sold 700 acres? for $1400? to THOMAS OLIVER. Part of the land was in Burke Co., and part in Screven Co. and part was originally granted to LEWIS HUTCHISON, JACOB LEWIS, DORCAS PICKENS, and JAMES OLIVER bounded NE by WILLIAM W. OLIVER, NW by lands of CHARLES R. NESSMITH and JOHN POLLOCK, SW by lands of WILLIAM B. BEST and JACOB LEWIS and SE by lands WILLIAM W. OLIVER. (Note: Need date of sale. WILLIAM B. BEST could just be WILLIAM H. BEST that bought land at sherriff sale in the same area on Apr. 2, 1822.)

1822 WILLIAM H. BEST Purchased as the highest bidder, Apr. 2nd. at the suit of DAVID SWICORD vs. ELIJAH E.PICKREN (Recorded Apr. 18, 1823) 160 acres for $550 in Screven Co. Land sold by JAMES BRYAN, Sherriff. Land adjoining property of WILLIAM L. MOBLEY, dec., WILLIAM FOXWELL, dec., JOHN M. WADE, ELIJAH PICKREN, JR. and THOMAS G. WALKER. The land was on or about Mobley’s Pond. Part of the land purchased by ELIJAH E. PICKREN from JAMES NESSMITH. Part from SAMUEL MOBLEY. Part from JOHN PICKREN, JR drawn by DORCAS PICKREN at the division of husband estate and sold by DORCAS PICKREN to ELIJAH E. PICKREN.

1823 WILLIAM B. MITCHINER (formerly WILLIAM H. BEST) Sold Apr. 7th to WILLIAM W. OLIVER 160 acres for $688.58. He purchased this land Apr. 2, 1822. The land adjoins lands of heirs of WILLIAM L. MOBLEY, dec., JAMES O. POLLOCK, JOHN M. WADE, and said WILLIAM W. OLIVER. The land formerly belonged to ELIJAH E. PICKREN on or about Mobley’s Pond. Part was puchased by ELIJAH E. PICKREN from JAMES NESSMITH, part from LEMUEL MOBLEY, part from JOHN PICKREN, and part from DORCAS PICKREN which was sold at public action by JAMES BRYAN, Sherriff to settle a fifa of DAVID SWICORD vs. ELIJAH J. PICKREN. (Note: This land was purchased by WILLIAM H. BEST on Apr. 2, 1822.)

1823 CHARLOTTE MITCHINER Relinguished dower rights, Apr. 7th, unto WILLIAM W. OLIVER above. (Note: Why would she relinguish dower rights for sale of land to WILLIAM W. OLIVER since the land he bought from her husband on Apr. 7, 1823 was purchased by her husband on Apr. 2, 1822 and not an inheritance of hers?)

1823 WILLIAM B. MITCHINER Sold, Oct. 7th, to THOMAS W. OLIVER as the highest bidder 184 acres which adjoined lands of JOHN POLLOCK and THOMAS W. OLIVER for $116 to settle suit by JACOB FREEMAN. Sold by JAMES BRYAN, Sherriff. (When did he get 184 acres?)

1826 WILLIAM B. MITCHINER, 500 acres from estate of father-in-law, JAMES OLIVER. The estate was to be divided, Jun. 7 , 1826, in Screven Co., GA into five equal shares by JACOB LEWIS, JAMES W. BOWIE and JACOB OLIVER.

Lot # 1 to GEORGE POLLOCK, guardian of JAMES M. POLLOCK 446 acres in Screven bounded by lands of heirs of JONES and JONES CHAMBERS, THOMAS WILLS, WILLIAM BUNNELS and DAVID OGLESBY surveyed 25 Dec 1815 by JAMES OLIVER. Also received other property including one fifth of 490 acreas in Appling Co.

Lot # 2 to THOMAS W. OLIVER. (Note the property drawn is one half of the same land described in the THOMAS OLIVER, warrent, 7 Oct 1805, Screven Co., GA. for 1000 acres of pine land on Waters of Buck Creek. Property bounded by land of HENRY JOICE, JAMES SMITH, WILLIAM BRANNON, JOHN P LOVETT, NANCY WILSON, RICK LIVERETTE and JAMES MOORE. Apparently surveyed for JAMES OLIVER Oct 1815.  THOMAS W. filed letter to adm. estate of JAMES OLIVER, 7 July 1823, Screven Co., GA. JAMES and wife PRISCILLA (WILLIAMS) made a deed of sale, 27 July 1797, for 240 acres to ENOCH GODFREY and all rights as heirs of WILLIAM WILLIAMS, father of PRISCILLA, Screven Co., GA. Witnesses: SETH WILLIAMS, FRANCIS GODFREY, AARON WILLIAMS, WILLIAM OLIVER, J.P. THOMAS W. OLIVER married MARTHA HERRINGTON. Her sister, ABIGAIL HERRINGTON, married GEORGE POLLOCK.

Lot # 3 to WILLIAM W. OLIVER for 477.5 acres in Screven surveyed 4 Oct 1819 by JAMES OLIVER. In 25 Mar.1802 WILLIAM OLIVER sold to ELIJAH ROBBINS, 500 acres. Screven Co., GA record. Witness: JAMES OLIVER. WILLIAM signed WILLIAM W. He was guardian, 13 July, 1812 of person and property of JACOB OLIVER, Screven Co., GA. p.23. With security made by JOHN POLLOCK and JAMES OLIVER. WILLIAM W. OLIVER and ELVIA PICKREN given letter to Adm. estate of ELIJAH E. PICKREN, 4 Feb.1822, Screven Co., GA. p.131 with WILLIAM B. MITCHINER one of Securities. On 12 Apr. 1824 he is named assignee of ELIVA PICKREN, widow of deceased, and heir ELIJAH E. PICKREN. CHARLES and JANE PICKREN also heirs. On 2 Aug.1824 his letter to of ELIJAH E. PICKREN was revoked. On 7 Oct.1822 he is Adm. of estate of MOSES KELLY, p.138. Security made by JOHN M. WADE, JAMES H. WADE, and THOMAS W. OLIVER. He is Adm., 3 Mar.1828, of estate of WILLIAM OLIVER, Screven Co., GA. p.143. Security made by THOMAS W. OLIVER and WILLIAM OLIVER. From Screven Co History, page 158 he married ELIZABETH FREEMAN, daughter of NOAH FREEMAN and LUCY. Sister of Lucy was LEVICY that married ELIJAH LIPSEY. WILLIAM W. OLIVER was a member of the HOUSE of REPRESENTATIVES from Screven Co., 1815-16.

Lot # 4 to DORTHY THOMPSON (Widow of BRYAN THOMPSON, who was a security in 1823.) She presented letter to adm. estate of BRYAN THOMPSON, 2 May 1825, Screven Co., GA.

Lot # 5 to WILLIAM B. MITCHINER (Wife CHARLOTTE OLIVER). His portion consisted of 500 acres in Screven Co. being one half of a 1000 acre tract given THOMAS W. OLIVER bounded by SE by JAMES SMITH, HENRY JOYCE, NANCY WILSON, JOHN F. LOVETE, NE by WILLIAM BROWN? and now MURDS GOSS? and west by JOYCE MOORE and vacant land surveyed on 7 Oct 1805 by JAMES OLIVER. CHARLOTTE OLIVER is probably a daughter of JAMES OLIVER. Her brothers were THOMAS W. OLIVER, WILLIAM W. OLIVER, and sisters ______POLLOCK and DORTHY THOMPSON.

1826 WILLIAM B. MITCHINER Land adjoining that of STEPHEN HURST mentioned in sale of land on Aug. 7th by STEPHEN HURST to JAMES W. BOWIE. Also adjoining land of STEPHEN HURST are the lands of WILLIAM W. OLIVER, heirs of JOHN POLLOCK, JESSIE? HURST, and JAMES BOLTON.

1843 WILLIAM B. MITCHINER Sold 500 acres of land in Screven on Dec. 4th, to RANSON ROGERS. This land was originally granted to CHARLOTTE OLIVER and conveyed by her husband to RANSON ROGERS and then to PATRICK BUCKLER and JAMES WADE. (Note: on November 15, 1850 the portion owned by JAMES WADE was divided between PATRICK BUCKLER and MICHAEL FRAWLEY the Adm. of the JAMES WADE estate.

1852 WILLIAM B. MITCHINER Sold, Apr. 22nd, 415 acres to ALEXANDER KEMP in Screven Co., GA. (Note: Part of the land seems to be a 396 acre tract originally granted to JAMES OLIVER in Screven Co., on 2 Apr.

1865 WILLIAM B. MITCHINER Estate papers identify 500 acres of wild land on Horse Creek in Screven Co. Horse Creek is mentioned in a Jun. 6, 1823 Burke Co., GA land transaction. JAMES O POLLOCK sold to LEON DUGAS for $150 “all of a tract of land lying on Horse Creek, granted to JAMES O. POLLOCK containing six hundred acres bounded NE by vacant, NW by ABRAM SAPP, SE by EDWARD BOYERS, and SW by JOHN GREEN and W. by JAMES PARKS and JAMES PARTER’S lands.


1818 Early Co. was created from Creek Indian lands. 1854 Clay Co. was created from Early Co. and Randolph Co.

Lot #59 town lot. (No record when purchased.)

1840 WILLIAM B. MITCHINER Sold, Nov. 23rd., half acre town lot No. 59, Fort Gaines, Early Co., now Clay Co., GA. to LUKE BLISS for $600.

Lot #258 in 7th Dist. (202.5 acres, no record when sold)

1835 WILLIAM B. MITCHINER Purchased Dec. 10th (Recorded Dec. 14th.) Lot # 258  in the 7th Dist. consisting of 202.5 acres for $300 from JAMES SINGLETON originally in Randolph Co.


1828 Randolph Co., GA created, Dec. 20, from Lee Co. and later Baker Co., GA. It included all of Quitman and Stewart Co.  Stewart Co. was created on Dec. 23, 1830 from portions of Randolph co., including the 33rd. Dist.   1858 Quitman Co. was created for Randolph Co. and Stewart Co.

(Where was property of four children and their spouses found listed together in 1860 Census?)

Lot #112 in the 9th Dist. (202.5 acres, no record when last sold #112)

1834 WILLIAM B. MITCHINER Purchased, Nov. 21st, Lot #112 in the 9th Dist. containing 202.5 acres from BUCKNER HARRIS for $200.

1847 WILLIAM B. MITCHINER Sold, Feb. 5th, Lot #112 in the 9th Dist. to ELIAS HARPER, containing 202.5 acres for $607. (Recorded Feb. 26, 1848)

1847 WILLIAM B. MITCHINER Purchased as the highest bidder, Feb. 25th, Lot #112 in the 9th Dist. from RICHARD DAVIS, Sherriff, containing 202.5 acres for $600 to settle suit of JAMES P. SHARP vs. THOMAS BIGBY principle, WILLIAM B. MITCHINER and DAVID RUMPH. (Recorded Feb. 26, 1848) Lot #114 in the 10th Dist. (202.5 acres) 1853 WILLIAM B. MITCHINER Sold, May 5th, Lot #114, Dist. 10 to son-in-law, DAVID RUMPH for $605. Same land just purchased on same page of deed Bk. J, Page 345-346 by WILLIAM B. MITCHINER as high bidder for $605 from DAVID RUMPH who was the Adm. of the estate of FRANK HEALO, Randolph Co., GA. Lot #142, in the 10th Dist. (202.5 acres)

Lot #142 in 10th Dist. in 1865 Will. (202.5 acres)

1847 WILLIAM B. MITCHINER Purchased, May 14th, Lot #142, in the 10th Dist. consisting of 202.5 acres from WILLIAM INGRAM. (Deed Bk. G., pg. 570-571)

1849 WILLIAM B. MITCHINER Sold, Oct. 13th, Lot #142, in the 10th Dist. consisting of 202.5 acres to DAVID RUMPH.

Lot #143 in 10th Dist. in 1865 Will. (202.5 acres)

1847 WILLIAM B. MITCHINER Purchased, Jul. 7th, Lot #143, in the 10th Dist. consisting of 202.5 acres from THOMAS RAGLAND of Muscogee Co., GA. (Deed Bk. G., pg. 569-570) (Note: ROLLY WILLIAMS of Muscogee Co. sold Lot #143 consisting of 202.5 acres, 10th Dist. to ETHELDRED HAYES, May 14, 1834. (Deed Bk. A., pg. 202) (Note: Lot #143 was his home place.)

1874 M. J. ATKINS Purchased, Dec. 1st, in settlement of a fifa on Lot #143, in the 10th Dist., Lot #246 and all of Lot #203 south of the creek in the 9th Dist. consisting of 500 acres. The fifa was levied on Lot #143, 10th Dist., Lot #246 and all of Lot #203 south of the creek in the 9th Dist. on Oct 22, 1874. (Deed Bk. O., pg. 453) A fifa is short for the Latin term "fieri facias" meaning "that you cause to be done". It is an order giving the sheriff the right to seize a defendants property to satisfy a money judgement. 1875 DAVID R. MITCHINER Purchased, Dec. 1st, Lot #143 and Lot #246 consisting of 405 acres from MICHAEL J. ATKINS. (Deed Bk. O., pg. 454)

1878 DAVID R. MITCHINER Sold, Nov. 5th, Lot #143 in the 10th Dist. and Lot #246, in the 9th Dist. consisting of 405 acres to ANDREW J. MOYE. (Deed Bk. O., pg. 766-767)

Lots #148 and #149 in the 10th Dist. (202.5 acres each, no record when he acquired them)

1849 WILLIAM B. MITCHINER Colateral made with Lot #148 and Lot #149 in the 10th Dist. for $1.00 each for two notes that were each $138.33 and payable Feb. 6, 1851. If not paid he would lose his colateral.

1852 WILLIAM B. MITCHINER Sold, Jan. 20th, to DAVID RUMPH for $1000 Lots #148 and #149  in the 10th Dist. consisting of 202.5 acres each. Witness: THOMAS W. MITCHINER. (Continuation of pg. 46)

Lot #203 in the 9th Dist. in 1865 Will. (Turner Place. 95 acres)

1847 DAVID RUMPH  Purchased, Aug. 17th, Lot #203, 9th Dist. consisting of 95 acres from JOSEPH T. TURNER. (Note: Lot #203 would be the Turner Place.)

1849 WILLIAM B. MITCHINER Purchased, Oct 13th, Lot #203, 9th Dist. consisting of 95 acres from DAVID RUMPH.

1863 WILLIAM B. MITCHINER Sued Nov. 25 by JAMES D. CARHART for $123.50. WILLIAM lost and had to pay $158.40 by Nov. 3, 1863 or lose something. (Deed Bk. O., pg. 453)

Lot #214 in 10th Dist. (202.5 acres)

1843 WILLIAM B. MITCHINER Purchase, Oct. 3rd, Lot #214, in the 10th Dist. for $500 consisting of 202.5 acres from NATHANIEL BOON, adm. of the estate of JAMES BOON Randolph Co., GA.

1843 WILLIAM B. MITCHINER Sold, Oct. 3rd, Lot #214, in the 10th Dist.for $500 consisting of 202.5 acres to NATHANIEL BOON. Lot #232 in the 9th Dist. (202.5 acres, no record when he acquired land)

Lot #232 in 9th Dist. (202.5 acres)

1847 WILLIAM B. MITCHINER Sold, Apr. 20, Lot #232, in the 9th Dist. for $500 containing 202.5 acres to JOHN H. JONES.

Lot #246 in 9th Dist. in 1865 Will. (202.5 acres)

1827 WILLIAM B. MITCHINER Land surveyed on July 25th consisting of 202.5 acres described as Lot #246 in 9th Dist., Lee Co. (1827 Land Lottery of land acquired of Creek Nation of Indians, Reg #20 or #18) Living in Roberts Dist., Screven Co. He still owned this property at the time of his death in 1865. The land was given Dec. 14, 1831.

1878 DAVID R. MITCHINER Sold, Nov. 5th, Lot #143 in the 10th Dist. and Lot #246, in the 9th Dist. consisting of 405 acres to ANDREW J. MOYE. (Deed Bk. O., pg. 766-767)

Lot #252 in 33rd Dist., Stewart Co. (550 acres, no record when he acquired land)

1865 WILLIAM B. MITCHINER Estate papers identify part of his property as Lot #252 in the 33rd Dist. of Lee Co. containing 550 acres. (Note: this could be his portion of the Gnabsnet estate.)


1818 Irwin Co. created for Indian lands, Coffee Co. and Telfair Co. Lot #? in Dist. ??.  in 1865 Will. (94 acres)

1865 94 acres identified in will and estate papers in Irwin Co.



Lot #113 in the 10th Dist. (101.25 acres)

1847 JOHN H. MITCHINER Purchased, Dec. 27th, south half of Lot #113, Dist. 10 consisting of 101.25 acres for $250 from JOHN H. MILNER, Randolph Co., GA.

1864 JOHN H. MITCHINER Sold, Jan. 9. south half of Lot#113, Dist. 10, to DAVID RUMPH, Randolph Co., GA.

Lot #119 in the 10th Dist. (101.25 acres, no record when acquired land)

1849 JOHN H. MITCHINER Sold, Sept. 30th. south half of Lot #119, Dist. 10 containing 101.25 acres for $250 to DAVID RUMPH, Randolph Co., GA.



1860 No land record found, but living with his wife Nancy in 1860 census on land probably given by his father and located on the road from Benevolence to Cuthbert next to the Kings, Poole, and Crapps families. They are listed as Thomas W. and Nancy Mitchell in the census.


1862 THOMAS W. MITCHINER Purchased, Nov. 5th, 40 acres for $220.50 from Ed Pursell and wife A.A. Pursell, Tallapoosa Co., AL. No record of him selling the property after the Civil War.


1872 THOMAS W. MITCHINER Purchased, Jan 3rd, for $100 from David Rumph 40 acres on Wolfe Creek about four and a half miles east of Greenville, Hunt Co, TX. He was probably living on this land when he applied for a Confederate pension om July 3, 1899.

Copyright October 2001 by Thomas W. Mitchiner, Crossville, TN. These documents may be freely used for private purposes, and included in your own genealogy. However, this document is copyrighted as stated above and may not be sold, nor given to anyone, who may attempt to derive profit from same. Any verifiable information to substantiate changes or additions is welcomed by the author.

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