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(Created December 5, 2005 by Thomas W. Mitchiner)

If you know of any other items helpful for future research please share them so they can be included on this page for anyone doing William Best Mitchiner research. As the items are researched, the findings or lack of findings can be added to this page under each item.


Granville County was created in 1683 by the Crown as one of the original seven precincts of districts for administrative purposes. It ran along the length of the Savannah River in South Carolina to include part of what later became Orangeburg. Granville was discontinued in 1769 when the Orangeburg District was created. Records prior to 1785 were filed in Charleston. From the late 1780's until the Barnwell District was formed the area was known as the Winton District. In 1798 the Barnwell District was formed from the south part of the Orangeburg District. The Orangeburg courthouse was burned in 1865 by Federal troops. As far as I know Barnwell records survived the war. Allendale County was formed in 1919 from Barnwell and Hampton Counties.

 1. The first item is the suit in 1801 by SALLY MUNSON vs. BENEJAH BEST. He paid $200. Mary Best, a sister of Wright Munson, was deeded by Wright his crops and livestock in 1801. He moved to Mississippi and later sold his Barnwell land in 1809. Sally was probably a sister of Mary and Wright or she could have been a Best that married a Munson. This may show something to establish which Best that Mary Munson married.

On page 236 of Book A of the Record of Deeds of Barnwell County there is recorded the following deed, dated March 28, 1801:

Wright Munson, Planter of Barnwell Dist. to Mary Best, my sister For her Love & Affection 35 head of Cattle, 4 mares, 1 colt 100 head of hogs, one wagon gear Plantation Tools, household furniture the corn I have in the crib as well as the crop for this present year wit-C. D. Wyld Jos. Harley [signed] Right Munson

On page 319 of Deed Book R of the Record of Deeds of Barnwell County there is recorded the following deed, dated 1809:

Wright Munson of Wilkinson Co. Miss. to Bartlett Brown & Jacob Kittles $1488.00 744 Acres Land in Savannah River Swamp near William Campbell and land owned by Beake, surveyed for the said Bartlett Brown 11 [?] 1796 and granted to Right Munson 4Aug1800. Wit- Thos Goldery Michael Brown [signed] Right Munson

2.  The second item also involves Benejah Best. The case of BENEJAH BEST vs. JOHN MITCHONSON was decreed January 1, 1807 for $50. This is a couple of years before John Mitchiner wrote his will. Perhaps it would be good to check to see if Mitchonson is really Mitchiner and why the suit.

3.  The third item is just contuning the search for a common HARDEN ancestor for Orsamus Harden Best, son of John Brown Best and John Harden Mitchiner, son of William Best Mitchiner.

4.  A fourth item is TARLTON BEST case in 1822. He married SARAH JELKS, widow of NATHANIEL H. JELKS. The property of her husband passed to her in his Will dated March 27, 1818. Her property, all slaves, passed to TARLTON B. BEST on her death which was only eleven months after they married. Stated in Aud HARRIS vs JOHN L. ATKINSON and TARLTON B. BEST, filed February 4, 1822, SARAH JELKS died 11 months after their marriage. JOHN B. BEST is crossed out and TARLTON B. BEST is written over the name. JOHN L. ATKINSON had been an executor with SARAH JELKS of the estate of NATHANIEL JELKS. This case as LUD HARRIS vs JOHN L. ATKINSON and TARLTON B. BEAT can be found for the Barnwell Equity and Chancery Court for June 22, 1822 in LDS records, Box 14, Group 28, Frame Number 527.


Burke County was created in 1777 from St. George Parrish and included part of later Screven County. The Burke County Courthouse was burned in 1825 and 1856. The deed records begin in 1843. Its county seat is Waynesboro. In 1793 Screven County was created from Burke and Effingham Counties. Records start in 1806. The county seat is Sylvania.

1.  The first item in Screven is a case of  CHARLES vs. JOHN MITCHINER, 3 January 1809. It is a lawsuit filed to stop him from receiving a land grand because it might infringe on land granted to Charles. The papers might show the location of the land and the verdict. The card catalogue is on line, but not everything is listed on the card catalogue.

2.  The second item is to identify the land Luvicy lived on as mentioned in her will. It may be that LUVICY MITCHINER'S LAND BORDER MCQUEENS in her will was originally what belonged to the father of William B. Mitchiner and not what John Mitchiner acquired since the Henry Best and a possible grandfather of William B. Mitchiner that married Mary Brown and was killed by Torries was from Georgia. His land may have passed to the father of William and then to Luvicy if she was his widow and John Mitchiner lived on her property.

3.  The third item is  TARLTON BROWN BEST'S LAND. It seems strange that the large amount to land used by Tarlton B. Best has not been located in Screven Co. or mentioned in his will dated December 17, 1821. The 350 acres mentioned in his suit against John Smith for $3000 in crop damage may have been leased and not owned by him but it may be worth trying to find a reference to it.

4.  The early METHODIST RECORDS for the area may still be worth pursuing. The trustees of the Brick (Bethel) Methodist Episcopal Church were all neighbors of William B. Mitchiner.

5.  There are two books of interest about Burke Co., Georgia: "Landowners , St. George's Parish, Georgia" by Dumont  and "Some Early Residents, Burke Co. GA 1786-1819" by Dumont.

Copyright December 2005 by Thomas W. Mitchiner, Greenville, NC. These documents may be freely used for private purposes, and included in your own genealogy. However, this document is copyrighted as stated above and may not be sold, nor given to anyone, who may attempt to derive profit from same. Any verifiable information to substantiate changes or additions is welcomed by the author.

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