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In 1793 Screven Co., GA was created from Burke Co., and Effingham Co. Records start 1806. Visitor number   Web Design Factory

JOHN BEST, JR. of NC and descendants in Screven Co., GA.

A1. JOHN BEST, JR....Born about 1761 in Dobbs Co., NC and died 11 Nov 1836 at the age of 84 in Screven Co., GA where he had filed for a Rev. War Pension but died before receiving anything. He left no widow. He lived in Duplin Co., NC when he enlisted as a soldier and served for one year from 1781 to 1782 during which time he fought in the battle of Eutaw Springs in SC on the Savannah River near where the Browns lived on Sept 8, 1781. His oldest child, JACOB B. BEST was apparently born in SC around 1781. His son, JACOB BEST, is listed in Effingham Co., GA in the 1840 and 1860 GA Census. His adult children and his wife are listed with him in the 1860 census and he gives SC as his birth state. (See 1860 Effingham Co., GA Census.) Returning home from SC he married MARTHA WILLIAMS in NC on Apr 28, 1783 with a son named WILLIAM WILLIAMS. BENJAMIN BEST and JACOB WILLIAMS were witnesses and bondsmen.  Those who were granted administration of the estate of WRIGHT WILLIAMS in on July 23, 1794 were his wife, TEMPERANCE WILLIAMS, his brother, JACOB WILLIAMS, and his brother-in-law, JOHN BEST, JR.  JACOB WILLIAMS is named in the will of his father, GEORGE WILLIAMS, in 1816 in Duplin Co., NC. (line 553. WILLIAMS, GEORGE (CR.035.801.12/A-520), 11 Sep 1816 - Apr Term 1817, wife TABITHA negroes Kit, Jum, Amos & Lettice, one Fetherbed, all the household & kitchen furniture, plantation tools, all the Horses, Cattle & Hogs, every other kind of Stock; son JACOB & daus. MOURNING SHEPPARD, PATSEY BEST, MARY HARRIS, & grandau. MARY dau. of HENRY STOAKES negroes left to wife; grandau. MARY dau. of TEMPERANCE one Featherbed; grandson ROBERT son of ABSALOM BEST one Featherbed, extrs: GEORGE E. HOUSTON, EDWARD WILLIAMS, wit: JOHN PEARSALL, WILLIAM HARRIS, signed: GEORGE WILLIAMS.) He moved to Screven Co., GA soon after the Rev. War.

In Footprints on the Sands of Time by Youmans he is listed as a Revolutionary soldier whose grave is between RICKEY FREEMAN'S and BEST'S BRIDGE, Screven Co., GA. In 1812 he witnessed the Will of HEZEKIAH HOWARD with his son JACOB BEST and was perhaps the executor of the Will of JOHN MITCHINER in 1814. He is listed as being granted 60 acres in the 1817 Headright and Bounty Grants. In 1817 he was granted land with his son JACOB BEST from his son ABSALOM BEST. He was also granted land from the same son in 1818. JOHN BEST is listed in 1830 Ga census for Screven Co. as being between 70-80 years old.  In 1834 he granted land to his son HENRY BEST. His pension application was filed 6 April 1835 in Screven Co.  His children were listed as: JACOB, GEORGE, WILLIAM, HENRY, and ABSALOM. Since JOHN BEST, JR. has a son named ABSALOM there may be a connection, yet to be established, in North Carolina or Virginia with the ABSALOM BEST that died around 1790 in the Orangeburg District of South Carolina. (See Best Family for Allendale Co., SC.)

JOHN B.(BROWN) BEST of SC and relations in Screven Co., GA.

(See Best Family for Allendale Co., SC.)

A1. JOHN BROWN BEST ....Born on May 5, 1773 in SC. He married ELIZABETH J. COLDING. She was born on December 1, 1790 and was the daughter of HENRY COLDING and JENNETTE BRYAN. Their children were HENRY COLDING BEST, MARY ANN BROWN BEST, ORSAMUS HARDEN BEST, JOHN AUSTIN BEST, LOUISANA BENNETT BEST, WILLIAM BARTLETT BEST, FRANCIS MARION BEST, and JASPER BENAJAH BEST. JOHN B. BEST was a witness with TARLTON B. BEST to the sale of 146 acres in Screven Co., Georgia to JOHN H. SMITH by WILLIAM BEST MITCHINER and his wife CHARLOTTE. JOHN B. BEST was an executor with WILLIAM B. MITCHINER of the estate of TARLTON B. BEST of Screven Co., who died in 1824. His eldest son, HENRY C. moved to Screven Co. Georgia by 1860.

WILLIAM B. (BEST) MITCHINER ....Born about 1792 in SC and died ____Jul. 19, 1865 in Randolph Co., GA. On Dec. 5, 1814 the Will of his step-father, JOHN MITCHINER, was filed in Screven Co., GA. His Will was written in 1809 and leaves his wife, LUVISEA, the plantation and five negroes slaves, JACK, JERRY, HANNER, HARRIET, NELLY. JOHN BEST was the executor. His mother, LUVICY BEST died May 3, 1815 and left him the plantation and six negroes: JERRY, ISAAC, JACK, HARRIET, HANNER, NELLY. On Dec. 11, 1815 he had 386 acrea of land surveyed and on Mar. 20, 1819 he sold 146 acres with his wife CHARLOTTE (OLIVER) MITCHINER to JOHN H. SMITH with TARLTON BEST and JOHN B. BEST as witnesses. He received in the 1820 Headrights and Bounty Grants as WILLIAM H. BEST 396 and 600 acres. In 1822 he purchased 160 acres from ELIJAH E. PICKREN.

His land in Screven Co., perhaps listed as WILLIAM B. BEST, and the property of WILLIAM W. OLIVER, CHARLES R. NESMITH, JOHN POLLOCK and JACOB LEWIS border the 700 acreas sold for $1400 by JAMES OLIVER to THOMAS OLIVER on 31 Aug 1822. The property was part of five tracts in or near Burke Co. originally granted JAMES OLIVER, WILLIAM HURST, LEWIS HURST, LEWIS HUTCHESON, JACOB CLEMONS, and DORCAS PICKINS. The sale was witnessed by WILLIAM B. MITCHINER. (The property is apparently close to that of TARLTON BEST by his estate settlement. Personal property items were sold 16 April 1825 by WILLIAM B. MITCHINER in estate settlment to: JOHN H. NESMITH, THOMAS W. OLIVER, and JACOB OLIVER.)

On Dec 14, 1822 his name was legally changed by the House of Representatives from WILLIAM H. BEST to WILLIAM B. MITCHINER. The names of his two children were also changed from Best to JOHN H. MITCHINER and MARY W. MITCHINER.

In 1823 he sold 160 acres to WILLIAM W. OLIVER. At a Sheriff's sale he had 184 acres of pine land levied against in favor of execution of JACOB FREEMAN and also in favor of JOHN POLLOCK. Land joined property of THOMAS W. OLIVER and JOHN POLLOCK. THOMAS W. OLIVER paid WILLIAM B. MITCHINER $116 for the land. Land of WILLIAM B. MITCHINER and WILLIAM OLIVER mentioned as adjoining 60 acres of PATIENCE MOBLEY levied against on 8 Aug 1822 to satisfy fi fa for JAMES OLIVER on Mobley's Pond.

In 1827 he became the guardian for HENRY B., JAMES J., and JOHN W. MEARS, orphan minors of JOHN MEARS, Screven Co., GA with security made by JACOB BEST and WILLIAM D. CAMPBELL the half brother of the Mear boys. On Mar 4, 1822 JOHN MEARS had become the guardian of WILIAM D. CAMPBELL with JOHN H. SMITH and STEPHEN BUTLER as security. In 1827 he received land in Lee Co., GA in the GA Land Lottery. He moved to Randolph Co. GA by 1835, but sold on April 22, 1852 to ALEXANDER KEMP 415 acres in Screven Co., GA. When he died in 1865  in Randolph Co. he identified 500 acres he still owned in Screven Co., Georgia on Horse Creek. (See The Best of the Mitchiners.)

TARLTON B. (BROWN) BEST....Born in 1789 SC according to the JOHN B. BEST family Bible and his death was reported in the Augusta Chronicle on 15 Sept 1824. He married SARAH JELKS, widow of NATHANIEL H. JELKS after 1818. The Will of NATHANIEL H.. JELKS was dated Mar. 27, 1818 in Barnwell Co., SC. He left five dollars each to unnamed brothers and sisters and half brothers and sisters. His wife was left the slaves, viz: CIDNEY, SELAH, ISUM, VILET and GILLARD with issue, CAROLINE with issue. Stated in Aud HARRIS vs JOHN L. ATKINSON and TARLTON B. BEST, filed February 4, 1822, SARAH JELKS died 11 months after their marriage. JOHN B. BEST is crossed out and TARLTON B. BEST is written over the name. JOHN L. ATKINSON had been an executor with SARAH JELKS of the estate of NATHANIEL JELKS. This case as LUD HARRIS vs JOHN L. ATKINSON and TARLTON B. BEAT can be found for the Barnwell Equity and Chancery Court for June 22, 1822 in LDS records, Box 14, Group 28, Frame Number 527. He was the guardian of WILLIAM D. CAMPBELL and THOMAS B. CAMPBELL. On June 5, 1820 he filed to administer the estate of THOMAS B. CAMPBELL. He was a deceased orphan of ISRAEL CAMPBELL with WILLIAM B. MITCHINER as security.

He had many legal problems as found in the Augusta Chronicle and Georgia Gazette around 1822. Three negros, namely ISHAM, JEFFREY, and ANDREW levied on his property in favor of JAMES G. SALISBURY vs him and WILLIAM B. MITCHINER also to satisfy fi fa in favor of WILLIS YOUNG vs him and STEPHEN BUTLER. One negro woman named SIDNEY taken from him in favor of A.S. JONES and also do satify executiion in favor of R. CONE. SIDNEY also taken from him to satisfy an execution in favor of BRITTON PRICE.

The Will of TARLTON B.BEST was dated Dec. 17, 1821. He left 11 slaves; EFFY, JUNE, ANDREW, SAMUEL, CAROLINA and child SIDNY, SEAY and child CAROLINA, GILLY, HANNER. They were divided with named property between ORASAMUS H. BEST son of JOHN B. BEST, JOHN H. MITCHINER son of WILLIAM B. MITCHINER, and WILLIAM D. CAMPBELL, all minors. Property in S.C. was listed as 50 acres on Jackson Branch, and 98 acres on King Creek in Barnwell, SC. JOHN H. SMITH, JOHN B. BEST, and JOHN MEARS (husband of Leodicy Best-Campbell-Mears) were bequeathed $.75 each. The Will was presented by WILLIAM B.MITCHINER who was an executor with JOHN B. BEST. The witnesses were THOMAS SCARBROUGH, PAUL WILLIAMSON, and JOSEPH Y. GARLINGTON.

Other BEST references in SCREVEN CO., GA.

GEORGE N. BEST....Born  abt 1815 in Screven Co., GA____ and died_____. In 1860, age 45, he living in Chatham Co. with his wife, Amelia L (age 27) and children Ashley O. (age 13) and Alaren E. (age 10). He is a fisherman.

J.M BEST....Born ____ and died_____. In Apr. 29, 1836 deed he received land in Screven Co., GA from PETER ARNETT.

SARAH BEST (ROYALS or RYALL)....Born ____ and died_____. On Dec 24, 1834 she married WILLIAM ROYALS or RYALL.

JOHN W. BEST....Born 1826 and died Dec. 3, 1880 at the age of 57, 4 mo. and 27 days and is buried at the Middle Ground Baptist Church Cemetery. He was born 1826 and married on May 24, 1849, REBECKAH HUNTER, Screven Co, GA. They are in the 1860 GA Census for Screven Co.

TWILLON B. BEST....Born ____ and died_____. He is listed as J.P. on Jan 12, 1822 when STEPHEN L. HARRINGTON of Screven Co., GA gave power of attorney to JOHN L. RICHARDSON of Habersham Co., GA.

ZIGA A. BEST (NEWTON)....Born ____ and died_____. On Oct. 14, 1856, she married WILLIAM R. NEWTON.

CAROLINE BEST (SMITH)....Born____ and died ____. She married MILLINGTON SMITH (b. 6 Feb 1814 and d. ____). They  resided in the Screven/Effingham area.

BEST buried at Doubleheads Baptist Church Cemetery, SCREVEN CO., GA.
CLYDE W. BEST 13 Oct. 1920 PAUL BEST   8 Jan 1945  
BEST - infant  Oct. 1911 R.W. BEST      
PAUL BEST (race black) 24 Aug 1879    28 Feb. 1947


SABELLA L. BEST (HODGE) ....Born ____ and died_____. She married AMBROSE HODGE Apr 16, 1857 in Effingham Co.

LOUISA H. BEST (HODGE)....Born ____ and died_____. She married G.W.HODGE Apr 23, 1863 in Effingham Co. LOUISA L. BEST married GEORGE W. WILLIAMS Jun 10, 1857 in Bullock Co.

BENAJAH BEST ....Born about 1775 and died_____. He lived in the Barnwell area of SC. His wife was ELIZABETH. He paid MARY ODOM in 1814 $500 for her rights and demands on estate of neice ANN PURVIS, deceased, together with any claims on estate of nephew, WILLIAM PURVIS. (See Best Family for Allendale Co., SC.)

CAROLINA BEST....Born_____and died _____. She is listed on Effingham Co. Records Index, Para 177, page 132. .

WILLIAM BEST....Born ____ and died_____. He is listed on Effingham Co. Records Index, Pages 149 and 178.

BEST of the problems needing resolutions

I've added some notes that I made in 2002 this year on the Best families in Screven Co. and Effingham Co., GA . I've also put what I have on the Best families in census records for those counties as a link on this site. Any additions or corrections would be appreciated. You may have more complete census records than I do. I seem to have Jacob in both Screven Co. and Effingham Co. in the 1850 census. I do not know which William Best it is in the 1880 Effingham census that was born in SC and his parents in GA. Adolphus in the same census gives his place of birth as GA and his parents as NC. Jacob, who is their father, gave his birthplace as SC in the 1860 Effingham Co. census. I do not have 1870 census records.


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