Written by Thomas W. Mitchiner. Contributed February 20, 1999. Updated October 13, 2017. Contributors Thomas W. Mitchiner, Miriam M.(Mitchiner) Brown and James C. Mitchiner. Original article published 1989 in MITCHENER and MITCHINER by William A. Mitchiner.

I. Life and Times of William B. (Best) Mitchiner

(1) South Carolina Beginnings, (2) North Carolina Stepfather, (3) Burke/Screven Co., Georgia Records, (4) Legal Name Change and Possible Lineage, (5) Move to Randolph Co., Georgia, (6) Pre Civil War Life, (7) The War Years, (8) Life After the Civil War (9) Land Dealings (10) Census Records (11) Slaves and African American Descendants (12) Future Research Needed (13) Mitchiner/Mitchner/Mitchener DNA Project: Results and Analysis NEW

II. Descendants

First Marriage (Charlotte Oliver) Children of William B. (Best) Mitchiner: (B1) John Harden, (B2) Mary W., (B3) Amanda L., (B4) Elizabeth Thompson, (B5) Thomas William "Tom", (B6) Raymond Riley - no information, (B7) James W. "Jim" - no information, (B8) Charlotte L.

Second Marriage (Sarah Coram) Children of William B. (Best) Mitchiner: (B9) Louisana B. "Lousia" - died infant, (B10) Martha Deborah "Mattie"  - no information, (B11) Fredonia B. "Donnie", (B12) William "Billy" - died infant, (B13) Susan Narcissa, (B14) Georgia Annon - no information, (B15) Sarah Josephine, (B16) Frances Lafayette, (B17) Robert Hayes, (B18) David Rumph, (B19) Alice - perhaps died infant.

III. Related Families

First Generation (6) Related Families: Best, Brown, Bryan, Coram, Hayes, Oliver, Williams

Second Generation (16) Additional Related Families: Barton, BreedloveBridges, Brooks, Bush, Castellow, Couch, Crapps, Hartsfield, Keese, King, Lawrence, Parham, Poole, Rumph, Scott

Third Generation (56) Additional Related Families: Allmon, Anderson, AycockBeall, Blankenship, Bryant, Butts, Carter, Clements, Cobb, Coleman, Converse, Cooper, Crow, DunkinElliott, Fillingim, Fudge, Fulton, Garner, Gibson, Hestand, Ivey, (1) Johnson, (2) Johnson, Jones, Kennedy, Kimbrough, King, Kirkpatrick, Knighton, Madura, (1) McCain, (2) McCain, McClellan, McGraw, McLendon, Milling, (1) Patterson, (2) Patterson, Persons, Rasberry, Sale, (1) Sims, (2) Sims, Sanders, Stephens, Swift, Tapp, Temples, Tims, Traylor, Twomey, (1)Weaver, (2)WeaverWilkerson, Wolters

Copyright February 1999 by Thomas W. Mitchiner, Greenville, NC. These documents may be freely used for private purposes, and included in your own genealogy. However, this document is copyrighted as stated above and may not be sold, nor given to anyone, who may attempt to derive profit from same. Any verifiable information to substantiate changes or additions is welcomed by the author.

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